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UC Leuven-Limburg is part of the KU Leuven Association which is an official entity regulating the collaboration between KU Leuven and several university colleges in Flanders, Belgium.

We maintain high standards regarding the quality of our key activities in education, research and outreach. We continuously search for comparable innovative and ambitious higher education institutions as well as representative organisations to partner with. Our choice goes to partners with a practice-oriented, innovative and international profile.


Our vision on international partners is shaped as a pyramid. In this unique model, international cooperation includes but goes beyond the mobility of students and staff.

  • In the broadest tier are over a 100 partner institutions with whom we work on general student and staff mobility.
  • In the middle are partners with whom we are benchmarking our degree programmes, work on common research projects, or even organising multiple degree programmes.
  • At the top are our strategic partners. Partners at the top are also involved in all activities ranked below.

Embedding practice-oriented research in our organisation is one of the strategic priorities of UC Leuven-Limburg. We focus in particular on a strong relation between education and research.


  • high-quality education
  • an innovative curriculum;
  • alumni with research and international competences and an attitude led by curiosity;
  • staff members further build up expertise;
  • innovation and knowledge valorisation in the community and professional sector.


We aim for mutual benefit to both our partners’ and our own academic community. We have already developed strategic and intense partnerships with:

We are also an active partner in these networks:


A visualisation of our existing partnerships worldwide can be found here


teaching staff
  • 1/4th engaged in research activities
  • 1,700 experts from the professional field
  • 200 staff members hold a PhD
  • close connections to the work field via outreach activities & service to the community
turn-over more than 10 million euro in research 
  • Leuven campuses: 14% had a mobility abroad of at least one semester
  • Limburg campuses: following closely
  • Almost all engaged in a short-term international experience such as an International Week
students ± 200 students are enrolled in a truly international degree programme