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Short programmes

So you aren’t looking for a  full degree but do seek to broaden your horizons and develop useful skills that makes you stand out from the crowd on the job market?

Then you are a perfect fit for one of our three types of Short programmes.

Summer school

  • Discover the Euregion (Aachen-Maastricht-Hassel) for a three-country Spirit of Europe20-day crash course in European Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology


Virtual Projects

During one of our 2 to 3-month virtual projects you can:

  • participate virtual activities
  • build expertise through webinars
  • participate in online work sessions
  • get feedback from personal coaches
  • tackle a business challenge as part of an international team

Added bonus? You can take this course without any travel costs! All you need is a good internet connection and an even better team spirit. At the end you will receive the certificate based on the quality of your team’s work.


International Weeks

Do you already know a thing or two about a certain field? Then perhaps  one of our one-week International Weeks matching your (future) area of expertise are what will truly catch your eye.

Between simulations by professional coaches, the findings of renowned speakers, workshops and cutting-edge technology you will certainly find a programme that sounds like music to your ears.

Join now and become part of our growing UC Leuven-Limburg student community!