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​international business week entrepreneurship 2020


The main target of this week is to let students work in mixed international groups on different subjects  that interest them as entrepreneurs, which make them think and communicate in another language. In this way students with as main subject Business Management and a string interest in Entrepreneurship broaden their practical knowledge of different aspects of entrepreneurship, languages and cultures.
Students work on a project in international groups; the more nationalities involved, the more interesting for the students. To create an experience as close to a  real-life entrepreneurial one as possible, the project will focus on different departments of a start-up and will work with a case provided by a company. Every day, the groups will get information through a workshop, guest lecture or company visit on a specific aspect that they will need to perform tasks regarding that subtopic of entrepreneurship. The topics will reflect the different departments of a small or medium sized company: Sustainability (CSR), HRM, Marketing Communication, Supply Chain Management, Financial Risk Management/Budgeting. At the end of the week the groups will have to present their work in a compelling way.


Target group: 2nd year bachelor students in Business Management with a strong interest in Entrepreneurship
Date: 2 – 6 March 2020
Place: Faculty of Management & Technology – Proximus Campus (Leuven) - Belgium
Price: € 150 (participation) + € 100 (accommodation Youth Hostel)

Registration: please contact eline.delaure [at] (Eline Delauré(link sends e-mail))

Co-coordinators: Eline Delauré and Marij Spiesschaert

Students and lecturers can find more information in this week's programme brochure.