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strength in diversity and real-life cases

People around a table at campus Proximus


Students work on a project in international groups; the more nationalities involved, the more interesting for the students. To create an experience as close to a  real-life entrepreneurial one as possible, the project will:

  • focus on different departments of a start-up
  • work with a case provided by a company

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learn more about each department

 Every day, the groups will get information through a workshop, guest lecture or company visit on a specific aspect. They use that input  to perform tasks regarding the introduced subtopic of entrepreneurship.

The topics will reflect the different departments of a small or medium sized company:

  • Sustainability (CSR)
  • HRM, Marketing Communication
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Risk Management/Budgeting

At the end of the week the groups will have to present their work in a compelling way.