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do you know how to manage multicultural teams?


How do you make your team implement your company’s mission and vision?

When do your employees need extra coaching?

What makes managing culturally diverse teams challenging?


international business environment

More and more graduates are working in an international business environment, so answers to these questions prove to be more relevant than ever. Therefore, this International Management Week aims to provide students with all tools necessary to cope with these situations.

case study

During this international week, you will have to solve an interesting case study in the field of career management. To complete this task, you will have to draw upon your knowledge of several disciplines, but you will also be assisted by a professional HR manager. At the end of this week, directors from several prominent companies will answer your questions about HR topics at a round-table conference.



This International Management Week is developed as a competition. The best team will receive an award at the end of the week. Team spirit, commitment, enthusiasm and initiative are decisive factors in this competition.


More detailed information about the programme is available here.