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Marc Pecqueur

Marc Pecqueur is lecturer and research developer at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, independent automotive consultant and the only Belgium member of the European Advisory Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers. (SAE)

Quote of Marc:” Autonomous driving means no limits in transport and mobility. It is our duty to change the automotive world.”

Jan Van Dierdonck

Jan Van Dierdonck  is the manager of the centre of expertise “Sustainable Resources” at University Colleges Leuven-Limburg. He aims at setting up collaborations with SMEs, government organizations, universities or universities of applied sciences, etc. to initiate innovative research projects on a national and international scale. These projects are centered around three focus areas, i.e., (i) valorization of waste streams into new products, (ii) sustainable energy systems and (iii) the link between environment and human health. Following the latest innovations and trends within these fields and translating them into tangible research output beneficial for the involved stakeholders and students is a key element for the centre of expertise “Sustainable Resources”.

Ilse Vermeulen

Ilse Vermeulen has been involved as a project leader in different projects within the expertise center “Sustainable Resources”. She is also a core expert within this expertise center for the research line “Environment & Health”. As a Doctor in Medical Sciences and Bio-engineer in Cell and Gene Biotechnology, Ilse has already gained a lot of expertise in the combination of technology and health, of which the subject “Air Matters” is an excellent example. During her PhD, she mainly worked on prediction models and epidemiological studies in the clinical biology of type I diabetes, which has led to a great deal of experience in data processing as well as in processing and writing results in the form of articles in peer-reviewed journals (3 first authorships and 8 co-authorships). Her previous job as a scientific assistant in a clinical lab - Toxicology department - has led to a broad knowledge of analytical techniques and problem-solving thinking. In addition, as project leader within the PWO projects ECO-TRAILER and ASTMApping, within the Citizen Science projects HasselAIR and ElementAIR, as well as project manager of the bachelor's thesis of the 3rd PBa Chemie, she gained extensive experience in (low-cost) air quality sensors.

Peter Van Hout

Peter Van Hout, Master of Science in Electronics, lectures at UC Leuven-Limburg on AC-DC machines, power electronics and energy technology. He is also researcher sustainable resources – projects, international – DC-technology, renewable energy, Li-ion batteries.

Sarah Eyckmans

Sarah Eyckmans is Process Manager at Danone Dairy.

Martijn Kiers

Martijn Kiers is Senior Lecturer and Senior Researcher at University of Applied Science FH JOANNEUM GmbH in Austria. His areas of knowledge are: Project management and negotiation skills; Highway expansion Projects inclusive environmental impact assessment highway A1; Utilization projects e.g. hard shoulder running A27 and A28, Ramp meters; Spatial planning; Transport planning; Traffic Telematics; Dynamic Traffic Management; Shared Space; Indoor Navigation; Benchmarking; slow mobility; surveys and evaluations; municipal transport plans; customized public transport, etc.

Sandro José Rigo

Sandro José Rigo is a Professor in the Applied Computing Graduate Program at Unisinos University and an innovation consultant (FINEP/Brazil). He is conducting research projects regarding Artificial Intelligence and sensors application in Smart Campus case studies.


Armando Leopoldo Keller

Armando Leopoldo Keller  is a Professor in the Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program and PhD Student in the Applied Computing Graduate Program at Unisinos University.

Hirut Grossberger

Hirut Grossberger, Ph.D. is senior researcher and international coordinator at St. Pölten UAS in the Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research, Austria.  The institute conducts application-oriented research and development on the topics of railway technology and mobility. Her current work as a researcher and lecturer focuses on railway infrastructure and lifecycle of technical systems.