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Peter Van Hout

Name of class: 2nd life batteries
Module leader: Peter Van Hout
University: UCLL
Contact hours: 1


  • Battery technology
  • 2nd life batteries
  • DC technology


  • Students will know the basic characteristics and parts of Li-ion Batteries
  • Students understand the benefits and barriers of 2nd life Batteries
  • Students can explain the history of AC and DC technology with their benefits

Alexandre Martins 

Name of class: How to build more successful and sustainable ageing processes in the frame of local communities? A social gerontology approach.
Module leader: Alexandre Cotovio Martins
University: IPP, Portalegre, Portugal
Contact hours: 1


1. Main objectives:
  • To address and discuss some of the main contemporary demographic and sociological trends in the field of ageing;
  • To explore and discuss policy trends in the field of ageing with a view to demographic and social sustainability;
  • To address some methodologies and approaches for successful and sustainable ageing at a local level.
2. Learning outcomes. At the end of the lecture, students should:
  • be able to identify and briefly discuss some of the main social and demographic trends in the field of ageing, and to know some key indicators in the field;
  • be able to recognize and briefly analyze some of the main current policy trends in the field of promoting successful and sustainable ageing;
  • know the basics of some intervention methodologies in the field of promoting successful and sustainable ageing at local level.

Alexis Versele 

Name of class: 
Module leader:  Alexis Versele 
University: KUL, Campus Ghent, Belgium
Contact hours: 1


  • The student knows the different aspects of circular building construction and the implications for the building design and construction process
  • The student knows the "design for change" principles at district, building and component level and understands the relationship between these different levels.
  • The student understands the importance, possibilities and challenges of reuse (of building, elements and materials)

Sarah Eyckmans and Sonia Bonus

Name of class: One health one planet
Module leader: Sarah Eyckmans and Sonia Bonus
Company: Danone
Contact hours: 1


Big companies like Danone can play a role to solve the global social and environmental issues tackled by the SDG’s (eg climate change, inclusiveness, good health and well-being, malnutrition…).


  • Students will learn how this is translated into a company vision where every single employee has a voice
  • Students will learn that sustainability is not something you can do on your own, but have to do together with your communities
  • Students will learn how this is transformed to tangible goals, actions and results

Giovanni Pernigotto

Name of class: Introduction to Building Performance Analysis and Simulation
Module leader: Eng. Giovanni Pernigotto, Ph.D
University: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Contact hours: 2

learning outcomes

This course aims to provide students with knowledge about the fundamentals of building energy balance and with the main aspects of the state-of-the-art of building performance analysis and simulation. Students will learn the most typical solutions for building energy renovation, as well as some methodologies to assess their impact on both building energy performance and comfort conditions for the occupants.