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Str@tvision Plus 2020


This virtual Finance & Accounting project takes place in the spring of 2020. The main target of this virtual international cooperation is to allow business students to:

  • work in culturally diverse teams, which makes them step out of their comfort zone;
  • work on a challenging project, which invites them to think and communicate in another language;  
  • Students with a main subject Business Management (Finance or Accountancy) broaden their practical knowledge of this other language, whilst developing their intercultural communication skills;
  • The Virtual Finance & Accounting Project become acquainted with the concept of  start-ups through the updated version of the virtual  Str @ tvision business game©.

Virtual international cooperation with Business game Str @ tvision



  • The students are divided into different enterprises teams. 
  • Each enterprise has to set its objectives and make decisions to reach those objectives. 
  • All decisions are taken on a financial and accounting level. 
  • After having played 3 rounds as 3 fiscal years, the teams present their results within their market. 
  • All this is topped up with some additional accounting tasks.

Str @ tvision - virtual business game structure




Set up

  • All students and coaches of the Str @ tvision business game collaborate across the globe in 2 online work sessions and one final online presentation.
  • In their own time, students arrange their own means of communication (Skype, Google Docs, Factbook etc.).



  • 18 February 2020:  Video conference 1
  • 24 March 2020: Video conference 2
  • 23 April 2020:  Video conference 3 [presentation]

For more details view the brochure.


Participants are offered the opportunity to:

  • broaden their horizon without extra costs
  • work together in a culturally diverse student team 
  • practice their  foreign language skills
  • test  their financial, accounting and strategic skills
  • put their intercultural skills into practice 
  • expand their  global network


You will be awarded the Virtual Finance & Accountancy Project 2020 certificate, based on the quality of your team’s work.


need more details?

For more specifics please contact the coordinator:

Ms. Marij Spiesschaert

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