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Residence hall STUDHO

UCLL Limburg offers student rooms at the Residence Hall STUDHO, a student residence hall with 85 rooms. The rent is 280 Euro per month if you stay between 3 and 10 months. The deposit amounts to 500 Euro.


If you are interested, please mention it when you apply. The Department of Student Services of UCLL Limburg (STUVOOR) will then contact you and tell you how to book a room at this residence.

Private student rooms

You can also rent a room from a private owner. The average rent varies between € 280 and € 320 per month, including expenses for heating, electricity and water (utilities). The price depends on the rental term, size and the private comfort of the room.
Information about the various types of housing in the private sector can be found in the database of accommodations .

Legally, every rental agreement has to be written. In practice, anything that has been agreed upon orally will be difficult to prove. A rental contract will only be valid if both tenant and landlord sign it.

According to Belgian law a contract that is signed, cannot be terminated before it expires, unless stated otherwise in the contract.