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Whether you are an avid volleyball player or prefer to go wall climbing 

every once in a blue moon, our sports facilities have you covered. Become a front runner; the ball is in your court!



cycling nation

As far as cycling goes, Belgium is home to quite a few well-known athletes. As soon as you arrive here you will notice that’s no wonder: the bicycle is Leuven’s most popular vehicle. Students ride their bike to campus, to pubs, and to the sports centre.  Get a headstart by joining them and rent a bike at a cheap price   (students’ rate) .


In Leuven you can rent a bike for €25 per academic year (+ security deposit) with your UC Leuven-Limburg student ID at Velo.

Velo is a social and ecological bicycle project. Students and residents of Leuven can rent a secondhand or UCLL bike. In Velo’s repair shop, students can repair their bike, or have it repaired for them. 


 Students in Limburg can rent a bike for free (+ security deposit). Fietspunt and VEDO repair your bike at student rates.

With a bike in hand, you will fit right in with our Belgian students!


If biking is not your thing, no worries! UC Leuven-Limburg also offers a cheap bus pass for all students.

  • Leuven: as many rides as you wish during the academic year for the set price of €30 total
  • Limburg:  reduced bus fares


Belgians like to eat, so it should not come as a surprise that we have many great restaurants, among which some hidden gems at affordable prices. 

In addition, UC Leuven-Limburg has its own restaurant on many campuses. When you are in Leuven city, students can eat in one of the Alma student restaurants at rock-bottom prices.

Loving Leuven

Loving Leuven

Each year the City of Leuven publishes a handy guide, called "Living in Leuven", about everything you need to know when you come to study in Leuven. The brochure is made in cooperation with Leuven university and our University  College so it is full of useful tips and tricks for students!


Living in Leuven

International student networks: Pangea and ESN

Since Leuven is one of the major university cities in Belgium, there are many places where students like to hang out or meet up. If you want to partake in numerous fun activities with other students from all over the world,  we can recommend a visit to International Student Centre "Pangaea" and at the Leuven chapter of ESN  (Erasmus Student Network)!




Enough text, how about some visuals on what it is like to study at our University College? Deivydas (from Lithuania), Okan and Ogùz (both from Turkey) have got you covered with a video in which they show their experiences at UCLL. Here is their masterpiece: 

Impressions by exchange students