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From and to the campus


At time of registration, UCLL Leuven students can purchase a bus pass which costs 25 euro (+ one-time 5 euro MOBIB card cost) per academic year. You can use this pass to ride a Lijn bus anywhere in the Leuven area.



UCLL Limburg students can purchase a Lijn card. This card allows you to  take (approximately) 10 bus rides  for  €16,00. A ticket for one ride costs €1,60.


Other types of public transport cards

Campus Pass

  • When you regularly travel by bus to get to  Genk, Diepenbeek or Hasselt

  • You can travel an entire academic year for  € 20 between two zones.
  • Two types available:
  • You can buy campus passes after your enrollment. They are linked to your MOBIB-card (€5). 


More information

Buzzy Pazz

  • for students younger than 25 years old
  • unlimited travel via bus and tram
  • subscription of 1 (€33) , 3 (€80) or 12 months  (€212) 


More information


  • for students  older than 24  (if you are 24 or younger, the BuzzyPass is a cheaper option)
  • unlimited travel via bus and tram
  • subscription of 1 (€49) , 3 (€124) or  12  months  (€319) 

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