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At UC Leuven-Limburg, each lecturer is also an academic counsellor. Our lecturers are approachable, are happy to answer your questions and they take your well-being at heart. They can give you tips on processing the study material systematically and they encourage you to work independently.

The most approachable member of the support staff is your academic counsellor who monitors your study progress and is your designated contact person. The academic counsellor is also closely involved in the study option you have chosen. The two of you discuss your study progress and the counsellor teaches you how to reflect on your study performance and the choices you have made during your studies. If necessary, your academic counsellor can refer you to other qualified staff, such as the student office for support and advice in specific situations, to study coaching staff, or to the study counselling office.

The study counselling office assists you in drawing up your individual study programme.

Study coaching staff help you study more efficiently.  Besides,  there is a wide range of study coaching services available at UC Leuven-Limburg.

In short, we have a whole team of experienced and expert coaching staff ready to assist you with  advice or when things are not going well.