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Degree Programmes

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ANNUAL Tuition fees

We offer the same tuition fee rate for domestic and international students at all UCLL  campuses.

These costs do not include any other study-related expenses, such as course material and textbooks, fees for activities, or other study-related material.

Tuition fees are paid in full at the start of the academic semester.


2020-2021 annual tuition fees continuing education programmes (may be subject to change)

Continuing Education programmes

Full time

Part time


International Cooperation for North-South Relations

€ 947,20  

Fixed: €245,20
Variable: €11,70 per credit


Advanced Business Management


Fixed: €460
Variable: €22,00 per credit


Postgraduate Certificate International Educating Class -
Fall Programme


Fixed: €250
Variable: €50 per credit


Postgraduate Certificate International Educating Class - Spring Programme €1750,00 Fixed: €250
Variable: €50 per credit

Examination contract: additional fee (DOMESTIC STUDENTS ONLY)

If a student registers under an examination contract, he/she will be charged an extra fee of 50 euro for the use of our online learning platform Toledo and ICT facilities.


Billing and registration

Registration for an advanced bachelor’s programme or a postgraduate certificate programme will always be considered and calculated separately.

Any other student’s registrations for one or more study programmes and/or for one or more course units based on a diploma contract and/or credit contract are treated as one registration and therefore all credits will be combined

Qualifying For financial help

In certain cases, students may qualify for financial help, if they experience a temporary and unforeseen financial setback, through no fault of their own.   Please contact the Social Services KULeuven for additional information.