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Southeast Missouri State University



​The following abrigded master programmes  are offered by  SEMO. Please click the  links for detailed information

  • For students banaba Advanced Business Management  track: Culturemanagement, Data & Analytics, Design Thinking & Innovation,  Digital Marketing & Communication,  HRM,  International  Management, Management &  Entrepreneurship,  Purchasing & Operations Management,  Sportmanagement


Contact person

  • SEMO - Cape Girardeau, Missouri, US -
  • If you need more information about the programmes, please contact gnicholls [at] (Dr. Gillian Nicholls) Director of Graduate Business Studies

Costs and fees j.gardener [at] ((link sends e-mail))

  • Application fee:  ± $40
  • Orientation fee: ± $100
  • The tuition fee for 2020-2021 is  ± $13,640. It might be different in 2021-2022
  • Accommodation: ± $450 per month
  • Other costs (travelling and living costs): up to $4,000

Admission requirements and application

  • Bachelor-after-bachelor in Advanced Business Management degree without tolerated fails
  • Proficient level of English
  • UCLL BANABA students should have at least a 3.0 GPA to be competitive
  • The GMAT is waived for UCLL BANABA students who receive the endorsement of the partner institution’s exchange coordinator and the MBA program director at Southeast Missouri state University. Otherwise, the following GPA and GMAT requirements apply:
    • [GPA x 200] + [GMAT Score] > 1,000
      • Minimum GPA = 2.5
      • Minimum GMAT Score = 500 (430  for probationary admission)
  • Proof of Financial Support
    • Students receiving graduate assistantships must show proof of $2,000 financial support
    • Students paying full tuition rates must show proof of $19,681
  • Degree seeking students receive I-20 and apply for F-visa
  • Admission deadline
    • Fall intake: April 1 (priority) or May 31 (general)
    • Spring intake: October 1 (priority and general)
  • More information on admission can be found here
  • Complete the pre-application form below to request the application procedure and the application form


Other information

  • There is a limited availablity for Graduate Assistantships  for excellent performers
  • Information on the GMAT exam can be found on the GMAT website
  • There are locations in and around Brussels so students can easily take the GMAT exam
  • Join the alumni on Facebook
  • All information on this page may be subject to change

Pre-application form