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Institutional context

Two institutions, one moving mind


UC Leuven-Limburg is the result of a partnership between two university colleges: UC Leuven and UC Limburg.  Despite being part of the same organisation, there are still some differences between the institutions.

It is important that you select the correct university college (UC Leuven or UC Limburg) as each institution has its own programmes and campuses.

Please contact the international coordinator at your home institution if you are not sure whether you are going to study at:


  • UC Leuven - Erasmus code B LEUVEN18  
    (including former Group T Teacher Education and International Educating Class)


  • UC  Limburg - Erasmus code B  HASSELT20

                                        2020-2021 Application CLOSED

Please note that we are working a new application system. 

Students from partner institutions will be nominated by their International Office and will have to complete their application in Mobility-Online.

If you are a student of an institution that has not partnered yet with UCLL, please send an email to international [at] with the subject of your current studies and motivation to study at UCLL. This applies only to exchanges for one semester and does NOT apply to degree programmes.



In addition to the application form via Mobility-Online, you are required to provide the following documents :

  • Learning Agreement for Study or Traineeship  signed by your home institution coordinator
  • a motivational letter why you want to come and study at UC Leuven-Limburg
  • your most recent report card at your home institution

Please consult our Common Exchange Programmes and our Faculty Exchange Programmes to learn more about courses offered.


Semester Nomination
(by home institution)
Application (by student)
Autumn semester or Academic Year May 15 June 15
Spring October 15 November 15