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Do you want to rediscover your field of expertise?

What does it mean to teach a course to a culturally diverse group of students? How do international colleagues approach that same topic? What are best practices when it comes to teaching your courses? More and more lecturers are dealing with a diverse student body, so answers to these questions prove to be more relevant than ever. Therefore, the International Staff Week aims to provide lecturers with all tools necessary to answer such questions.

During this event, lecturers will teach one or more classes to a diverse group of students at UC Leuven-Limburg in Belgium. They will have to rely on their knowledge of their discipline, but at the same time they will be challenged to look for new approaches. During this week, all lecturers will also have the opportunity to meet international colleagues who are interested in knowledge transfer between institutions.

The International Staff Week is an inspiring event. Throughout this week, all lecturers will be given several opportunity to network. An open mind, motivation and above all a willingness to inspire are key factors in this international event.

More detailed information about the programme of this week can be found here.