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student visa

STEP 1: Letter of admission or letter of acceptance

The first requirement for obtaining a student visa is:


1)  for degree students:

  •    a letter of admission from UC Leuven-Limburg
  •  will be issued by our Admissions Office

2)  For  exchange students:

  •  a letter of acceptance from UC Leuven-Limburg
  • will be issued by our International Mobility Coordinators in charge of exchange programmes

STEP 2: ‘blocked account proposal'

Only applicable to students who require a study visa to come and study in belgium

During the application process for a student visa, you will have to prove your financial capability to take care of your living expenses for  each study year in Belgium. 
UC Leuven-Limburg is able to assist you by offering a so-called  "blocked account proposal" (BAP).

By transferring a certain amount (see rates below)  into the UCLL bank account , we will provide you with a  'Letter of Financial Guarantee' .  Such letter is well known at Belgian embassies worldwide. By submitting this letter you will not have to prove your financial capability in any other way (e.g. by soliciting the help of  a sponsor or guarantor).

The BAP includes tuition fee, 700 euro monthly instalment (x number of months), start-up  money.

The amount should preferably be transferred before the end of May preceding the academic year starting in September. 

Important: the BAP is a proposal and by no means an obligation !


STEP 3: Apply for a student visa

With the letter of financial guarantee   at the ready, you can apply for a student visa (source:  KULeuven, our umbrella university) for Belgium.

Check where and how to apply for a study visa  at  Embassies and Consulates .

Blocked Account rates

Programme Tuition fee Total  monthly instalments Start-up TOTAL
BBM/BME* € 961.9 € 8,400 € 638,1  € 10,000
ABM** € 1,780 € 8,400 € 620 € 10,800
IEC*** € 3,500 € 8,400 € 600 € 12,500
Exchange semester € 0 € 3,500 € 500 € 4,000


                                 * Bachelor in Business Management-Marketing (across Europe)
                                  ** Advanced Bachelor in International Management or Design Thinking & Innovation
                                   *** International Educating Class (postgraduate certificate programme)

Need any help?

Contact admissions [at] with remaining questions.