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letter of admission or letter of acceptance?

For obvious reasons, the first requirement for obtaining a student visa is a letter of admission (degree students) or a letter of acceptance (exchange students) from UC Leuven-Limburg.

A letter of admission will be issued by our Admissions Office whereas a letter of acceptance will be issued by our  International Mobility Coordinators in charge of exchange programmes.

student visa

If you have a nationality from outside the European Economic Area you will have to apply for a student visa(link is external)  (courtesy of KULeuven, our umbrella university) for Belgium.

Check where to apply for a study visa  at  Belgian Embassies and Consulates .

The visa procedure will include a check of your financial solvency. There are various ways in which you can prove it.
UC Leuven-Limburg is able to assist you with a 'proof of solvency'.  We offer a so-called  "blocked account "procedure.   As soon as you have been admitted, we will provide further details  about  this procedure.

Please contact admissions@ucll.be with any remaining questions.