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Erasmus Teacher Education Exchange Programme 


UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) is the third largest university of applied sciences in Belgium with over 15,500 students. The 8 campus locations allow for easy travel to both Brussels and all European capitals. It is the first Belgian university of applied sciences who joined the European Universities Network (E³UDRES²).

The UCLL faculty of teacher education is the largest in Flanders with over 3,800 students. The faculty is known for its outstanding quality, practice orientation and personal guidance of each student.

More than 500 young people with an international background already study with us. Almost the same number visits us annually for a short or long exchange programme.

Join us too!

  • Gain valuable knowledge in new teaching methods, and further develop your soft skills, language skills and more!
  • Join a unique university of applied sciences that is focused on pushing the boundaries and moving minds towards a sustainable and just society. 
  • Our campuses are situated at the heart of Europe. You have fast and easy access to our surrounding countries. So broaden your horizons and cultural awareness while you’re with us!
  • The campus locations in student cities such Leuven and Diepenbeek are very attractive due to their small scale and their safe, green surroundings. There’s an overwhelming offer of festivals, performances, cultural centers or museums, so you will find it impossible to be bored.
  • And… gain an international network of friends and connections for the future

A study in Flanders will advance your career and your life. Your international experience with us will be very attractive for each of your future (educational) employers.


Student Spring Programma 2021


The Faculty of teacher education offers a fall and a spring semester to you as an exchange student. You can opt for different packages in our exchange programme; focusing on inclusive or multilingual education. We offer classes combined with Belgian students and offer in every package the opportunity for a project based learning practice. All courses in this programme are taught in English. 

FALL PROGRAMME louvain: start 13 september

spring programme louvain: start 7 february

spring programme limburg: start 7 february


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the content and duration of an internship?

A limited internship (+/- 5 days) is included in the programme, but it’s not a separate subject.

Can I also take subjects from the regular (Dutch-language) program?

Do I have to choose the whole programme or can I take some credits?

How many credits should I take from the common program?

Can I combine courses from the various packages?

What are the options if I already master the Dutch language?

  • You can decide to follow the courses in English of the Exchange Programme of the Teacher Education. All courses in English are given by lecturers who are native English speakers or have the necessary qualification for English language proficiency.
  • You can decide to follow only courses in Dutch. For this, you can choose out of the entire Dutch Teacher Education Programme. Of course you need to check if the selection of courses is possible according to the course planning.
  • You can take a mix of courses of the Exchange Programme with courses of the Dutch Teacher Education Programme. For this combination you are free to pick any course out of the courses of the Exchange Programme with any course out of the Dutch Programme. Of course you need to check if the combination is possible according to the course planning.


Is there a fall programme in Limburg?

No, we only offer a Spring semester in Limburg. Please have a look at the possibilities at our other campus in Leuven if you are searching for a programme in the fall semester. 

Is there a possibility to take other courses in English in teacher education or other faculties?

No, unfortunately not.  We suggest you take the course package in design thinking as described in our brochure.

Can I follow language courses (Dutch or French) in the exchange programma?

No, unfortunately not. You can take classes offered by other organisations.