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spring programme: start 7 february


During this 12 ECTS course you will learn and experience the ‘Design Thinking’-principles during classes, company visits and real life projects in transdisciplinary international teams. 

Design thinking is a creative, yet, practical and structured process that designers use to develop ideas, methods, products, events, ... in order to resolve problems in the future.  It is a problem-solution based method of thinking and can be used in contexts other than design.

Course ECTS Short description
Design Thinking for Community Building 12         You will learn all about ‘design thinking’ by collaborating with students from diverse backgrounds to solve a real-life problem related to community building at the UCLL university of applied sciences. Through the experience, you will support UCLL in community building and most importantly: acquire critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, and sharpen your qualities in international, human-centered cooperation and conflict resolution. 


+ teacher education programme: 18 ects

The community design thinking programme can be combined with programme specific subjects for 18 credits (see reverse side) to complete a semester exchange of 30 credits.

Course ECTS Short description
Cultural and Heritage Education 6          You will gain an insight into how culture (with an emphasis on literature) usually acts as a mirror of a society at a particular time in history and how cultural products reflect the social, political, economical, technological, religious and philosophical circumstances in which they were produced. While looking into the general historical periods and their cultural products, you will dissover the evolution of the European cultural heritage.
Storytelling: Language in a Global Context 6 You will study the principles of oral and digital storytelling as a didactic tool in the classroom. You will join the International Storytelling Festival of Alden Biesen and follow workshops from professional storytellers. By adapting stories from different cultures you will prepare a storytelling session for non-native primary school children.
The Teacher as a Global Citizen 6 We will discuss the role of art and creativity in the curriculum for teacher education. You will be immersed in techniques of various creative domains such as music, drama, visual art, physical expression, artistic language, music, media... to allow you to help your students to voice their impressions and contemplations.