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General requirements

  • Our professional bachelor's degrees in Business Management - Marketing (Belgium and Europe track) and Applied Computer Science require (at least) a degree that provides admission into higher education in the country where the degree was issued.  
  • Continuing education programmes, such as our advanced bachelor's degrees and postgraduate certificate degrees  require (at least) a recognised bachelor's (undergraduate) degree issued by a nationally recognised higher education institution.

Regional requirements

Click on the region where your diploma is issued.


Outside the European Economic Area
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In the European Economic Area (other than Belgium or Netherlands)
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At an international school
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In the Flemish community (Belgium)
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In The Netherlands (and Suriname)
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In the French-speaking community (Belgium)
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Outside Flanders/Netherlands + apply for a programme in Dutch
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A fair recognition and admission process

UCLL guarantees a fair screening of your application.

Screening process
  • Our guidelines for the recognition of your credentials is governed by the Lisbon Recognition Convention if the country where the degree/diploma/certificate was issued, has ratified the Convention. 
  • Students must hold a diploma/degree/certificate that  provides access  to higher education in the country where it was issued, similar to the education level that you apply for at UCLL.

In addition, we mainly use the Ecctis and Nuffic databases to assess candidates' diplomas/degrees.


Should you wish to appeal the result of your admission procedure or your request for the recognition of prior learning:

  • send your complaint and completed application file to the Committee for Appeals at
  • mention 'Appeal procedure + your name' in the subject line

The Committee meets on a regular basis.