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Live session Kot In Leuven

Leuven is a very popular student destination, and rightly so !  As a result, finding a student room can be a challenge. Therefore we want to share tips & tricks with you, in order to help you find a room that suits your needs and your wallet.

We strongly recommend to secure housing before you arrive in Leuven.

We host live online sessions  about student housing in Leuven, in collaboration with the university housing counselors and student services .  They'll share essential information about types of student accommodation and student room hunting techniques. 

Please find link to join these sessions on our Open Days page.  We will also post a reminder on our FB page !

We’ve got an app for that!

Kotwijs is a university-powered database of available student accommodation in Leuven.  It will allow you to specify your:

  • Price limit
  • Location
  • Rental period
  • Comfort level (example: a separate bathroom)

Privately owned vs residence halls

The majority of student accommodation is privately owned. Only 20% of the total housing offer is available in university residence halls.

Accomodation on the private market
Fold open
Accomodation in a residence hall
Fold open

Leuven kotlabel

Rooms with a ‘Kotlabel’ quality label are approved by the City of Leuven as suitable student residences.  In Spring 2018, the Leuven “Kotlabel” was introduced to identify student rooms that comply with required standards of fire safety, contract, quality of living and student friendliness . There are two types of labels.

Blue label
Fold open
Green label
Fold open

Rental agreement

Legally, every rental agreement:

  • has to be written
  • is  only valid if both tenant and landlord sign it
  • cannot be terminated before it expires when signed, except in three cases (prior to the entry into force, upon study deregistration, upon the death of the student's parents/guardian).

You can find more detailed legal information in the Flemish housing rental decree.

Beware of fraudulent advertisements if you search for housing via other websites or Facebook. 

Have you got questions? 

Useful rental tips

Last but not least, we advise you to keep the following things in mind:

  • The contract  that you will sign will most likely be in Dutch. As it is very important to understand it before you sign it, you can contact the KU Leuven Housing service for a translation or more information about your rental contract. 
  • Remember that Leuven is a very small city (2 km across)   with easy access to public transport and the possibility of renting a bike or  buying  a cheap student bus pass. Therefore,  do not dwell too much on finding a  student room closest to your campus.
  • The average rent for a single room is approximately € 390 per month, including utilities. The rent for a room with private facilities (a private bathroom OR private shower) is approximately € 550 per month. The average rent for a studio for one person is approximately € 590. More info on living cost in Belgium.
  • At the moment it’s not easy to find student housing in Leuven. We strongly recommend to secure housing before you arrive in Leuven.