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We are a university college that offers an unique opportunity to question the status quo and make room for innovation. We aim to maximize the interaction between research and education and take our students’ goals and wellbeing to heart and made their future our mission.

your future is our priority

International capabilities are in high demand and will aid you in finding a job after you can proudly call yourself an alumni. UC Leuven-Limburg has five strategic priorities and they all keep your future in mind:

  1. Success in education and on the job market
  2. Regional added value
  3. Internationalisation
  4. Identity
  5. ICT

Curious how they are all linked?


Check out the UC Leuven-Limburg  corporate brochure!



UC Leuven-Limburg has 5 faculties (Teacher Education, Health, Social work, Management and Technology) spread over 8 campuses. English-language programmes are offered at 6 of them:

  • Proximus Campus (Leuven)
  • Gasthuisberg Campus (Leuven)
  • Hertogstraat Campus (Leuven)
  • Sociale School Campus (Leuven)
  • Diepenbeek Campus (Limburg)
  • Oude Luikerbaan Campus (Limburg)


campus overview