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master studies abroad

Are you up for another exciting year of living the student life and consider further studies in another language or in another country? You may be  eligible to register for a Master's degree at one of our partner institutions. 


Abridged master programme

As a BANABA Advanced Business Management graduate you can choose between two options to achieve a master’s degree at one of our partner institutions: go for an abridged master programme or a full master programme.


full master programme  at a partner institution

All  UCLL degree graduates in Management can follow a full master programme   (masterprogramma zonder vrijstellingen)  at one of our partner institutions.   

  • Bachelor in Business Management
  • Bachelor in Office Management
  • Bachelor-post-Bachelor in Advanced Business Management


Recognition of foreign degrees

You can also find important information of the recognition of foreign degrees, information of your student status when studying abroad and an overview of interesting websites



Do you need more information about master studies abroad? Make an appointment with  Mario De Wolf (mario.dewolf [at]