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First upcoming info moment Start in February:

for a smooth start

Start of your classes

Your classes will start on Monday 8 February.

Book sale and laptop

You can order your books and courses via is external). You can indicate whether you want to pick them up at the pop-up-shop at campus Proximus at the beginning of the academic year or you want them to be delivered at your home address. In the course of the academic year, you can always buy your books via is external) and let them be delivered at your home address. Via the webshop, you can  use the wizard to look for your study track and order your course material.

manual 'how to order your books online'.


Every management student of campus Proximus comes to class with a laptop. Make sure to review here all about specifications of appropriate laptops.  UCLL and Signpost Belgium have an interesting offer for our students.  At this  webshop you'll receive a discount on suitable models with your UCLL login. Find out more! 


Wondering if you are eligible for exemptions? Contact the student track coach of your study programme by sending an email. Your student track coach offers you many other types of support as well.  He/she coaches you through your education. Do you need to change your year programme? Or do you struggle with your study planning? Your student track coach will help to find a personal solution. Your student track coach is:​

  • Track in Belgium - BBM
    • BBM -> A-L: Norma.juarez [at] (Norma Juarez Collazo(link sends e-mail))
    • BBM -> M-Z: dina.decuyper [at] (Dina De Cuyper(link sends e-mail))
  • Track across Europe - BME
    • BMEdominique.vanhoren [at] (Dominique Vanhoren(link sends e-mail))


  • Banababernadette.abts [at] (Bernadette Abts)

Student services

The full range of student services is available to you. Looking for a student room or a student job? Curious about the sports facilities and cultural events on offer? Like to hire a cheap bike or buy a bus pass? Check it out here.

more information before the start of the academic year?

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you. Call +32 (0)16 37 53 00, or send an email to mt.leuven [at] ((link sends e-mail)).

Start academic year 2020-2021


We are happy to help you with information about ICT at UCLL. 
Account activation, UCLL e-mail, UCLL app, KULoket, Laptop, Software eg. free office 365, Toledo, Wifi, Student card and ICT helpdesk)

Activate now your ucll-account

(choose EN in the right top corner)

You received the activation code in your personal mailbox. To proceed, your account has to be activated.

Your personal coaches

Every student has his personal coach. To find out more please visit our intranet, see "counselling and services" .

Special status

If you are a top athlete, artist or a student with a disability, you are entitled to a special status. You can make a request in KULoket.

Buss pass

Already registered and still want a bus pass. Click here

A healthy dose of sport

Already registered and still want a sports card. Click here

Class group? Time schedule?

You can find your class group in your ISP (Individual study programme) in KULoket.

You find your time schedule at

More details: check this presentation