Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

You will soon graduate and obtain the diploma of Bachelor  in Business Management, Bachelor in Office Management, Bachelor-after-Bachelor in Advanced Business Management, or post-graduate. Such a degree opens doors and offers you several opportunities on the labor market. 

But maybe you find your student life too nice and exciting to give that up already and you consider continuing  studying in another language or in another country. Or perhaps you would like to gain some experience during an international work placement. In that case, this brochure can be a first step in guiding you. This brochure provides you with an overview of programmes that connect to your current degree, and that are taught in several institutions (most of them partner institutions) - in Brussels, in Wallonia and abroad. Group Management & Technology has signed a cooperation agreement with a number of those partner institutions so you can study there at special and favorable terms.

You can also find an overview of interesting websites, best practices , a brief explanation of the recognition of foreign degrees and of the student service. 

Students who have graduated with an Advanced Business Management degree  can also find an overview of the abridged master programmes at partner institutions here.