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Can I still work as a student with a student contract? Do my parents still receive child allowance (kinderbijslag) from the Belgian Government? Can I still receive a study grant of the Government of Flanders? Some questions that are important enough to pay attention to. 
You  have to know that your student status based on your registration at UC Leuven-Limburg ends in the month of your  graduation. Your registration at the university abroad starts on the moment you start your study there. If your study abroad starts immediately in September, there will be no problem at all concerning your student status. But if your study abroad starts in January of the following year, there is a gap between September and January. During that period you lose your student status.
Therefore it is important that you register yourself as soon as possible at the VDAB. If you are registered as a job seeker, but decide later to study again, you can unsubscribe yourself as a job seeker. 
If you want to get more information about your social status while you are abroad or if you have questions regarding a student grant, pay a visit to the Student Service of KU Leuven. This student service offers, in cooperation with UC Leuven-Limburg , KU Leuven and other partners, an impressive service.
Information on study grants of the Government of Flanders can be found here
You are also advised  to contact the child allowance fund (kinderbijslagfonds) of your parents to get more information on your rights and duties.