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Study voucher account

‘leerkrediet’ in Dutch


At the start: 140 credits

All students are granted 140  virtual study vouchers (corresponding to  140 credits)  in a personal study voucher account when they start a higher education programme in Flanders. You need these to enrol in a programme.


Regaining or losing credits

Each academic year, the number of credits for which you enrol will be deducted from your study voucher account.

  • you regain the study vouchers for courses you pass
  • you lose the study vouchers for courses you do not pass


Credit shortage

If a you do not have sufficient study vouchers but DO have a positive study voucher  balance (> 0),  you can still enroll. You will only need to pay a higher tuition fee for the lacking study vouchers after the ISP has been approved.

In order to be admitted to a study programme or course unit, the student's study voucher account cannot display a zero or negative balance.

The additional tuition fee is:

  • non-scholarship students: € 11,40 per credit
  • nearly-scholarship students:  € 4,10 per credit
  • scholarship students: waived (no additional fee)


Credit calculation procedure

UC Leuven-Limburg will retrieve the study voucher account balance at Databank Hoger Onderwijs (DHO) before registration. DHO’s calculating principles are always applied.

When the tuition fees are recalculated in March, the credits in the ISP and the earned credits of the first examination period are taken into account.

Example: if you need 3 more study vouchers in semester 2 and you passed a 3 credit-course in semester 1, you needn’t pay for extra study vouchers.