Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan

UCLL Leuven has an agreement with the KU Leuven Housing Service to assist students in finding a student room for the duration of their stay in Leuven.

All international students are invited to consult the Kotwijs application, which is a university-powered database of available student accommodation in Leuven.  The majority of student rooms in Leuven are privately owned.

There is also a number of university residence halls where you can apply for a room.  Please consult the University Residence Hall website.
However, you should know that UCLL exchange students cannot sign up for Student Services residence rooms (see website above) before the UCLL Leuven Introduction Week.    Availability in this type of residence hall is very limited, therefore   we  give priority to international students with a limited budget.   Either way, we will assist exchange students during the Introduction Week. 

                          KOTWIJS student room database

Leuven Kotlabel

In Spring 2018, the Leuven “Kotlabel” was introduced to identify student rooms that comply with required standards of fire safety, contract, quality of living and student friendliness .  All student rooms in the Kotwijs database have this blue quality label.  If you are looking for a student room on other websites, make sure to look for this label. 

There is also a green “Kotlabel” marking student rooms that have been approved by the university housing service AND the city of Leuven.  Until now, only a handful of rooms have been awarded this green label.