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Student housing in Leuven


KU Leuven Housing Service is ready to welcome you to Leuven! They will help all international UCLL students to find an ideal student room to feel at home in.


Kotwijs  is a university-powered database of available student accommodation in Leuven.  It will allow you to specify your:

  • Price limit
  • Location
  • Rental period
  • Comfort level (example: a separate bathroom)
  • Characteristics (example: is smoking allowed)

Kotwijs database

Leuven Kotlabel

Rooms with a ‘Kotlabel’ quality label are approved by the City of Leuven as suitable student residences.  In Spring 2018, the Leuven “Kotlabel” was introduced to identify student rooms that comply with required standards of fire safety, contract, quality of living and student friendliness . There are two types of labels.

Blue label

Rooms with the blue label (all rooms in ‘Kotwijs’ have it):

  • meet required standards of fire safety
  • use a fair contract
  • guarantee a good quality of living
  • are student-friendly

Green label

Rooms with the green label have been approved by the university housing service AND the City of Leuven. Only a handful of rooms have been awarded this green label as most rooms have not been inspected by both yet.




The majority of student rooms in Leuven are privately owned.

  •  Once a contract is signed we cannot unbind it, send it to the housing service for a proofread!
  •   Make sure to choose one WITH a blue quality label! (kotlabel)

There is a limited number of university residence hall residences. We give priority to international students with a very limited budget. Please consult the University Residence Hall website.

  •  Sign-up only (!) available for international students during the Introduction Week
  •  Very limited availability
  • Only one option given, no choice between rooms

Applying ≠ guarantee you will get a room there!

Important details about the Rental agreement

Legally, every rental agreement:

  • has to be written
  • is  only valid if both tenant and landlord sign it
  • cannot be terminated before it expires when signed, unless stated otherwise in the contract

You can find more detailed legal information in the Flemish housing rental decree.