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3 years, 3 countries,
3 perspectives

Studying in three different countries:

  • During the first year, you study in Spain, Finland, or Hungary
  • During your second year, you study in Belgium at UCLL University of Applied Sciences
  • During your third year, you study in the UK, France, Ireland, or Germany

Discover BME

Several well-known international business programmes have joined forces to put together this innovative study track. The diploma you will obtain is equivalent to the Dutch language bachelor degree in Business Management, Marketing. The big difference is that you study in English, in three different countries.

Is this study track right for you?

  • Do you want to discover several countries?
  • Do you want to expand your boundaries and explore new horizons?
  • Are you fascinated by marketing and communication?
  • Do you want to improve your language skills day by day?

Then perhaps this unique track is exactly what you're looking for. After all, your time as a student is the perfect moment for fascinating and, most of all, fun international experiences. You can be sure that your view of the world will change dramatically.

Study programme BME

In the track across Europe you receive an in-depth education in business economics. With a clear focus on marketing and communication. For example, you learn to develop products or services into strong brands. You develop your commercial talent, gain insight into consumer behaviour. You learn how to carry out market research. Of course, after three years, English will have become your second native language. But you will also brush up on your French, German or Spanish.

With this study track, practice is never far away. You get to know the business world via cases, projects, company visits and your own work placement. Find more on the contents of the courses in this detailed guide.

Eligible for exemptions?

You may be eligible for exemptions. Contact us to get an analysis on which courses and numbers of credits you can be exempt from after a comparison in detail. 

Tuition fee

Tuition fees for BME, the study track across Europe, differ from partner to partner. You find all detailed information on this website

Applying for BME, the study track across Europe

To apply for this programme, please check our Application Requirements. Should you have any remaining questions regarding admissions you may contact our Admissions Office.

Start academic year

Do you want to  know more about the start of the academic year? Find out more on this page.  

After your studies

Career opportunities

Are you dreaming of a job as a sales manager, product manager, brand manager, account manager, communication manager, PR manager or market researcher? Preferably in an international environment? Then BME, the study track across Europ of the bachelor degree in Business Management - Marketing is the right choice for you.

Applying for a challenging international role in a company or organisation? This international experience on your CV gives you a clear advantage. After all, you have knowledge and skills that set you apart from your colleagues with an 'ordinary' diploma.

Do you want to continue studying?

Review the more extensive list of options on the international BME-site.

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Where would you prefer to start BME in the first year?
Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
Budapest Business University, Hungary
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia

International Business Management, Marketing (track across Europe), something for you?

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University College UCLL is known for the quality of its programmes. It is thus clear that we put a great deal of effort into both quality improvement and quality control. The following principles are key in this respect:

  • An appreciative culture of quality assurance throughout the organisation
  • Systematic and structural quality improvement
  • Stimulation of a critical attitude amongst students, personnel, alumni and professionals​
  • Continuous input of an independent external critical view

​Continuous quality control and improvement

A few years ago, the NVAO (De Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie - Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) virtually abolished the external review committees. Henceforth, each institution decided for itself how quality was controlled. Thus, UCLL devised its own, new system with, amongst other elements, dialogue committees with educational and professional experts. They also systematically asked external experts to examine specific themes, like the interconnecting of education, research and services.