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What is a professionally oriented bachelor?

Profession-oriented bachelor

Our programmes are invariably situated at the bachelor level, or at EQF 6 in official European standards and they are profession-oriented. Professional higher education (PHE) plays an important role as an intermediary between secondary education, and the job market. More information about professional bachelor in Flemish Higher Education system can be found here.

International Business Management, Marketing (track in Belgium)

  • Type: professional bachelor (your first or second bachelor degree)
  • Campus: campus Proximus, Leuven
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Schedule: full-time
  • Workload: 180 ECTS
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Tuition fee: check here
  • Next intake: September 2024 (applications are now open)
  • Application deadline: May 1, 2024 (non-EU students requiring study visa for Belgium), August 31, 2024 (EU students)

Open Days and Online Info Moments

Why study in Belgium?
  • Ideal place to kick off your international career since the
    headquarters of a lot of international companies are located in
  • Easy travel for business, study and holidays thanks to the central
    location in Europe;
  • Democratic prices for education thanks to government support.
Why study in Leuven?
  • Only 25 km from Brussels and its international opportunities;
  • Top 40 best student cities in the world for international students (according to QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2024);
  • Big intellectual and scientific hub awarded by the European Commission as European Capital of Innovation 2020, voted European City of Sport 2021;
  • Inclusive city where diversity of backgrounds is cherished and English is widely spoken.
Why study at UCLL?
  • Profession-oriented programmes ensure smooth transition to the job market;
  • Exchange semesters, mandatory (international) internship as well as double degree opportunities;
  • Modern well-equipped campus with a strong international vibe.


Welcome! We foster a fun and multicultural community of adventurous, open-minded, and ambitious students and staff. Join this hands-on, practice-oriented marketing programme, taught in English.  In 3 years time, you will become a Moving Mind with a strong international network as well as learn all the Marketing know-how you need to build an impressive European career.

Check the curriculum, your career perspectives, and important practicalities.

Campus Proximus

Campus Proximus

Our students say that the campus is…

  • amazing & beautiful
  • modern & well-planned
  • "very different from the campus in the country where I lived and studied"

Find out more about Campus Proximus, Heverlee (Leuven)

Computer class
Alessandro Palmieri, alumnus BBM

"I can strongly affirm that UCLL has definitively played a crucial role in shaping my personal and professional growth, through their dynamic, innovative, and multicultural mindset that consistently empowered both my hard and soft skills. The hands-on projects, associated with each exam, gave me the opportunity to work on real briefs written by existing local companies, facilitated my interactions with different stakeholders to improve my ownership and critical thinking, allowing me the opportunity to act as a leader in difficult situations. All these skills are fundamental in my day-to-day work tasks and, I strongly believe, are the perfect recipe for a better understanding of where today's business world is heading."

Lotte Burny, 2BBM

"After high school, I didn’t feel ready to go directly to university, so I decided to study here at UCLL. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. BBM brought me the traditional business management course, but with a little challenge: English. Through the past years, English has become like a second language to me. This was strengthened by studying and becoming friends with people from all around the world. A few years ago, I could have never imagined working on an assignment for an Israeli company in the Netherlands with a Brazilian friend."

Nezar Touzani, 2BBM

"This University has been the source of some of many great achievements in my life. Getting to make tight bonds within a certain set of time was made possible thanks to UCLL. It certainly sparks a certain flair when it comes to firing up the embers we have as students. The mere fact of being exposed to such an International experience has taught me how to put to use my skills on a wider range than expected. Putting more practicality than theory was one of the eminently crucial points in the choice of studying at UCLL."

Hana Tran, 2BBM

"Choosing UCLL for my bachelor's degree transformed both my academic and professional outlook. The emphasis on collaborative projects enhanced my marketing skills, laying a robust foundation for future employment. The first-year curriculum seamlessly blended theoretical concepts with practical techniques, fostering crucial skills like managing tight deadlines. In the second year, specialized subjects like graphic design and supply chain management deepened my knowledge, while the option to learn a second language added versatility to my skill set. UCLL's support from dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and a conducive learning atmosphere further enriched my university experience. I wholeheartedly recommend UCLL for a practical education tailored to real-world job market challenges."

Neada Ceno, 3BBM

"During my time with the BBM program at UCLL, I have truly found a unique and enriching experience. What sets this program apart is its emphasis on practical learning – I have actively participated in projects with diverse companies, attending insightful workshops with industry leaders such as GFK and Haystack. The network at UCLL is expansive, and I have had the privilege of collaborating with project partner universities on international ventures, such as the "Trade Mission" in Italy and the "Chinese Bridge program" and many more. These hands-on opportunities have not only equipped me with valuable skills but have also broadened my global perspective, making my journey here immensely rewarding."

Desmond Eaglion Kaku, alumnus BBM

"My time at UCLL was life-changing. The practical learning gave me deep insights into the business world, making me ready for real-life challenges. The coursework and team projects boosted my confidence in business consulting and strategy development. UCLL did more than teach me; it empowered me. The skills and knowledge I gained are like a strong anchor, helping me weather any storms the future might bring. Thanks to UCLL, I am ready to face whatever comes with confidence and grace."

At work after your degree

You will graduate as an allround marketeer. Your job options are varied with a lot of opportunities to grow onto management level jobs. 

  • Work as a digital marketeer, communication representative, marketing coordinator, market researcher, sales manager, product- or brand manager, …
  • If you want to work in Belgium, you also can apply for a 'job seeking year' after graduation.
  • As a graduated marketeer at UCLL you will be able to work quickly within both  Small and Medium -sized Enterprises as large international companies. Our alumni are active within companies such as AB-Inbev, BBDO, BMW, Deloitte, OHL, KBC, …
  • Dreaming of an own company? You will also be well-prepared for that! We get you on the right track during your studies, via Startminds. Our personal student coaching for entrepreneurship.

Continued studies after this degree

Or will you opt for another degree to further strengthen your position on the job market and hone your skills?

Advanced Bachelor

Advanced Business Management - is a bachelor degree you can only obtain after your first bachelor degree. It offers 9 Dutch-taught and 2 English-taught choice trajectories: International Management,  Design Thinking & Innovation.

A Dutch-spoken master after a transition programme

After an Advanced Bachelor degree, you can directly obtain your master's degree at VUB in 3 semesters (90 credits). You can choose between a master in Bedrijfskunde (Dutch programme) or a master in Management (English programme).

Alternatively, you can do a 1 or 2 year transition programme to obtain access to these and other masters, linked to your programme.

Continuing education programme

You can also opt for one of our continuing education programmes, 


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