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What is a professionally oriented bachelor?

Our English-spoken marketing bachelor

Bachelor programmes are usually 180 ECTS credits and take three years of study. UCLL currently offers two full-time study tracks in English for the bachelor programme "Business Management - Marketing", both created in close cooperation with its international partners:

What does a bachelor programme entail?

UCLL University of Applied Sciences is – in a way – ‘bilingual’; we speak both the academic and the professional language, and are a key player in the process of a better understanding between higher education and its practical application in the workplace.

  • 3-year programme
  • practice-oriented
  • to obtain a (first or second) full bachelor’s degree
  • Pre-enrolment is obligatory
  • At UCLL University of Applied Sciences: Business Management programme


Our programmes are invariably situated at the bachelor level, or at EQF 6 in official European standards and they are profession-oriented.

Professional higher education (PHE) plays an important role as an intermediary between secondary education, and the job market.


We offer the programme of International Business Management, Marketing in two different tracks. The same core, but a different flavour. In both tracks, you'll receive innovative, hands-on teaching and coaching with guaranteed quality.

After your studies

Job market

UCLL offers profession-oriented degree programmes on a professional bachelor level.  Our programmes guarantee a successful start on the job market.

  • 93% of our alumni has found a job or continues to study within 6 months of graduation
  • International oriented professionals are in increasing demand in the wider regions of Leuven and Limburg.

Do you want to continue studying?

Quality control

This file gives you a summary of the strengths and the points of improvement provided by the committee members and the programme’s most important policy priorities and innovations:

Our key principles
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​Continuous quality control and improvement
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The quality of UCLL-programmes
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International Business Management, Marketing (track in Belgium), something for you?

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University College UCLL is known for the quality of its programmes. It is thus clear that we put a great deal of effort into both quality improvement and quality control. The following principles are key in this respect:

  • An appreciative culture of quality assurance throughout the organisation
  • Systematic and structural quality improvement
  • Stimulation of a critical attitude amongst students, personnel, alumni and professionals​
  • Continuous input of an independent external critical view

​Continuous quality control and improvement

A few years ago, the NVAO (De Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie - Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) virtually abolished the external review committees. Henceforth, each institution decided for itself how quality was controlled. Thus, UCLL devised its own, new system with, amongst other elements, dialogue committees with educational and professional experts. They also systematically asked external experts to examine specific themes, like the interconnecting of education, research and services.