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Degree Programmes

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Degree programmes

What is a degree programme?

A degree programme is started and completed at the same educational institution. Upon successful completion of the full programme, you will obtain a degree of that institution.

If you opt for a degree programme at UCLL, you will graduate with a UCLL degree, rather that of any other institution. Degree programmes therefore cannot be part of another programme or course of study (in either Belgium or another country).

For a short course after which you will obtain a certification of participation rather than a degree, check our short programmes. If you are looking for a one-semester stay within another course of study in another teaching institution, various exchange programmes are awaiting you.

2 Types of degree programmes

Bachelor Programmes

  • 3-year programmes
  • profession-oriented
  • to obtain a (first or second) full bachelor’s degree
  • Pre-enrolment is obligatory
  • At UCLL: Business Management-centred programmes

Advanced Bachelor / Continuing Education Programmes

  • one-year or one-semester programmes
  • profession-oriented
  • to obtain an additional degree at UCLL
  • After already having obtained your first bachelor's degree at UCLL or at an (international) partner institute.
  • At UCLL: Management and education centred programmes

Practical information

Tuition Fees

UCLL welcomes students of any background, nationality, origin or age at these tuition fee rates.

Application procedure

Consult Application Requirements for further information about which degree programmes suit your profile best and how to apply.

Meet our moving minds!

Video chat

Any further questions? Our student ambassadors are happy to answer them during one of our video chat sessions.


During these sessions, staff members will also introduce the Business programmes and the Admissions procedure. 


All you need is a laptop or desktop computer (no mobile device), internet connection and a web browser to join our video conference sessions.

Open Days

During our Open Days you can ask us questions directly as well. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to visit your future campus.

  • Proximus campus (for Business Management and International Marketing)
  • Hertogstraat campus (for International Education Classes and CLIL)
  • Social School campus  (for ICoNS)
  • Our other campuses (if you are interested in a Dutch-language degree programme)

Welcome Days for Degree Students

Each of our programmes have a tailor-made welcome package. Before the start of the academic year or semester, and after you have received a Letter of Admission, you can register for our Welcome Days! Here you will learn all about Student life in Leuven and meet the people you will be taking classes with.