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Bachelor degree Applied Computer Science

Welcome to the home of the moving minds!

This hands-on programme prepares you to envision, create, optimise and deploy new software. You can hone your creative and communicative skills in a modern learning environment.

Technology has a lot to offer in our ever-changing world. You also get to experience working in tight-knit groups within the lively student atmosphere of Leuven, Europe’s Capital of Innovation

Who are you?

  • You think logically
  • You are curious to figure out how things work
  • You like to tackle challenges
  • You want to automate the boring stuff
  • You like star trek or star wars but definitely not both - or you prefer spending your time on Twitch
  • You look forward to interesting job opportunities
  • You keep up with the latest in technology

What can you expect?

Hands-on: practice-oriented

Through instant practical applications based on current theoretical frameworks, you’ll learn industry-proof approaches to solving problems. Our lecturers are always ready to help and the atmosphere is open and - we dare say - even fun!

Personal coaching

Enthusiastic teaching staff and study coaches guide you through your own individual journey. You also get your pick of elective courses, which allow you to immerse yourself in Belgian culture as well as personalise your experience.

100% job security

A degree in TI gives you a ticket to various jobs, immediately upon graduation. Some even get job offers in advance! With the international programme, you also are ready to launch an international career. 

More interested in continuing to study and going for a master's? No problem! With a one-year bridging programme you have immediate access to various university Master programmes.

International experience

With a lively cultural, sports and international community - you will be able to enjoy the renowned student life that Leuven has to offer. You also gain access to a large international network in a renowned college university with top-notch student services.

Our students are also frequent visitors of KU Leuven’s PANGEA, a cozy meeting spot for international students.

Courses on various aspects of computer science
  • Software Development
  • Business IT
  • Infrastructure & Cybersecurity
  • Digital Experience
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
European City of Innovation

In Europe’s Capital of Innovation, the modern buzz of the future will be all around you. You’ll study at a modern campus only 15 minutes from Brussels airport. With our campus embedded in both nature and close to the work field, you’ll gear up your innovative spirit in no time!

Study programma Applied Computer Science

Practical, real-life experience is built right into this study programme

You’ll become quickly acquainted with the IT world via cases, projects, company visits, and internship opportunities, both in Belgium and abroad.

International opportunities include project week visits, semester study exchange, or an international internship. Have a look at the courses included in the programme:

Types of courses

core courses (90 ECTS)

For all students. These core courses provide students with a thorough foundation  in the domains of software development, system and network management, databases and data analytics, and business IT.

elective courses (90 ECTS)

Students can choose advanced electives from Software Development, Business IT Management, Infrastructure & Cybersecurity, Digital Experience, and Artificial Intelligence.

project courses (30 ECTS)​

Over the course of this 3 year programme, students learn to work on projects in international teams both in the school and on the work floor.

Belgian culture and Dutch (6 ECTS)

Courses introducing the Dutch language and Belgian (work) culture will be organised for international students.

Study programme: classes

First year Fold open
Second year Fold open
Third year Fold open

You can find a detailed overview of the programme via this link:

Applying at UCLL

Information request

  • Our student coaches are happy to help you with any questions concerning content or exemptions. For questions on content, courses or about the start of the academic year, you can contact to reach them!
  • For a general FAQ on international studies at ucll, check this page
  • For admission questions (practical info on application): please check the admission requirements & procedure
Previous knowledge

You do not need to have previous knowledge on it or programming to join. This programme starts with basic principles of IT and transforms you to an IT business professional.

You do need to have graduated high school in order to join.


If you have already taken any courses similar to those you will learn with us in higher education (a university of applied sciences or a university), you may be eligible for exemptions.

If you believe this may be the case, please contact our student coaches. They will discuss the possibilities with you. 

Language coaching

You can also opt for additional coaching via our study and language coaches. Student services is also ready to support you in everything from looking for housing to discounts to cultural events.  We've got your back! Your chance to succeed is therefore largely dependent on your drive and willingness to learn

Innovative projects

Joining this programme also allows you to parttake in many innovative and inspiring projects. One example of such a project is the AI-oriented matchdata week, in which students analysed real data for soccer club OH Leuven. 

Campus Proximus

Home to...
  • the Applied Computer Science programme
  • the  Business Management programme
  • the Office Management programmes
  • the Adult Education classes and newly home to UCLL's 'graduate' classes   (Associated degree programmes)  
  • General Services of UC Leuven.

UC Leuven-Limburg locates its campuses in the immediate proximity of relevant businesses to stimulate collaboration in terms of education, research and services. Our university college also creates opportunities for lifelong learning by nestling itself in this research and business park.

If you wish to find out quickly how you can reach Proximus Campus, you can download the M-App. This will provide you with customised and realtime advice to reach the campuses in Leuven. 

Job opportunities

Every organisation needs computer science specialists, providing you with a wide array of job opportunities to choose from. It’s up to you if you want to work in a huge multinational IT firm, a small local start-up, a professional sports team, or a non-profit close to your heart. In many cases, a career in IT also includes perks like remote and flexible working conditions, which can improve your work-life balance.

When you graduate with a BCS degree, you’ll be prepared to work as a software developer, business analyst, system administrator, IT consultant, data engineer, and beyond!


Continuing your studies

You can also opt to continue your studies. Have a look at the English-spoken options at UCLL:




Applied Computer Science, something for you?

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