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business management - marketing

track across europe (bme)

Several well-known European business schools have joined forces to put together this innovative and international study track. The diploma you will obtain is equivalent to the Dutch language bachelor degree in Business Management, option Marketing. The big difference is that you study in English in three different countries:

  • During the first year, you study in Spain, Finland, or Hungary (NEW)
  • During your second year, you study in Belgium at UC Leuven-Limburg
  • During your third year, you study in the UK, France, Ireland, or Germany (NEW)

Studying in three different European countries:

  • Taps into your sense of adventure and enterprise
  • Eases you into an international network of friends
  • Prepares you for an international career

Enjoy some testimonials by international students:

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Is this study track right for you?

Has Belgium become too small for you? Do you want to expand your boundaries and explore new horizons? Are you also fascinated by marketing and communication and do you want to improve your language skills day by day? Then perhaps this unique track is exactly what you're looking for. After all, your time as a student is the perfect moment for fascinating and, most of all, fun international experiences. You can be sure that your view of the world will change dramatically.