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Welcome to Leuven!

Our Introduction Week will offer you the best possible start for your stay with us, even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even in these strange and for many difficult times, UCLL steadies the course. As active member of Association KU LEUVEN we stay committed to offering you the same quality higher education and student services as before the pandemic.

We aspire to offer you a welcome as warm as previous years! 

Welcome to Leuven!

Our Introduction Week will offer you the best possible start for your stay with us, even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

We have composed a social yet safe Introduction Week focussing mainly on a warm welcome. Social activities will be organised in small groups so we can ensure physical distancing. Where needed, face masks and hand sanitizers will be available for you whilst some other activities – such as info sessions - will be organised online.  

This Introduction Week will guide you through all "need to know" and "nice to know" information on Belgium, Leuven and our university. From a warm welcome at our campus to a city tour and a n online gaming night in which you can get to know your fellow students a little better; this week will ensure a one of a kind start of your stay with us.

All  students  are invited!  
(enrolled in any of the degree, exchange or short programmes)

  • September 2020: 14-18 September
  • February 2021: 1-5 February

Take a look at the Welcome Week schedule for Fall 2020!

Please check back on a regular basis for the most recent updates. 



If you still need accommodations during the Introduction Week, please book a room at the Youth Hostel  ahead of time



 To participate in the Introduction Week we charge a  25  euro fee.   As soon as it is paid, you are officially registered to partake in this week! 

This fee includes COVID-proof activities and  one meal voucher but not the fee for your stay at the Hostel.

If you wish to join, please pay this fee into the account of UCLL Leuven as soon as your application has been accepted:

  • To: UC Leuven, Geldenaaksebaan 335, B-3001 Heverlee
    (Belfius Bank, Pachecolaan 44, B-1000 Brussels)
  • IBAN code: BE33 7865 4858 0046
  • BIC code: GKCCBEBB
  • With reference “Welcome Days Autumn 2020" or "Welcome Days Spring 2021",  “name of the student”, “name of the home institution”.



If you want to get a headstart, we can recommend having a look at our "Living in Leuven" city guide for students on the Student Life webpage. It will answer most (if not all) questions you may have about student services, cost of living, transport, etc.

Also "Getting Started as an Exchange Student at UCLL Leuven" provides useful information in a nutshell.


Please remember to arrange for health insurance during your stay in Belgium before arrival.  If you do not have health insurance, please consult the "Living in Leuven" brochure ( Student Life webpage ) for specific information.


Please note that we cannot process any individual requests for student housing in Leuven university residences before the Introduction Week.  During our Introduction Week you can continue or start searching for a student room for the duration of your stay. 

If you want to rent a student room on the private market, check out our housing in Leuven page.


A buddy is a student from Leuven, who can help you to get settled in our city and at our university college. Request a buddy during the introduction weeks!


If you want to learn more about living in Leuven as a student, please visit the Residence, mobility, environment web pages where you will find information about student responsibility, waste disposal, bike, bus and train travel, and so much more.