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COVID-19:  LIVE In-Person Classes will Start
on 17 September 2021   

During the Fall Semester 2021, we hope to be able to re-start our in-person classes.   All international students should plan to come to and live in Belgium.   However, should the health and security situation change, we will evaluate whether we need to temporarily go to distance learning.  Over the past year, our lecturers have learned how to mitigate these conditions and we strive to deliver quality teaching and education be it online or in-person.      

Regardless of COVID conditions, students receive engaging course work, coaching with lecturers, excursions (dependent on COVID) as well as engage in group work on campus at a safe social distance according to governmental guidelines.  At the end of the semester and like all semesters, we offer a valuable certificate that is both recognized by Flemish Ministry of Education and supported by UNESCO.    

The goals of the programme remain the same:   We connect students from different countries, cultures, backgrounds in order to transmit our strong values:  building peace in the minds of men and women, spreading the ‘good news’ about the sustainable development goals and the value of intercultural dialogue through education, especially in trying times like these.

solidarity in times of corona