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fall programme

Join us for the Fall Semester or for the Spring Semester or for Both!

Are you looking for a longer or a shorter experience or programme?  Are you in-between degrees or wanting to enrich your skills?  This one-year English-language 60 ECTS credit programme is divided into two (2) semesters of 30 ECTS credits each. You can follow each semester programme separately or together as a whole. You can begin either in the Fall or Spring.  At the end of each Semester, you receive a valuable certificate that is recognized by the Flemish Ministry of Education and endorsed by UNESCO. 

Course ECTS Short description
Educating for Education: Care                                         3           A theory of care and a nurturing approach to schooling has become a fundamental aspect of education. We review the ethics of care, the role of UNESCO in education and care as well as Paolo Freire’s, Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
Educating for Natural Sciences: Sustainable Development Global future issues related to climate change, ecocities, water management… and how science education can be employed to adopt the right skills and sustainable attitudes to safeguard our planet and our common future are treated in this course.  
Educating for Social and Human Sciences: Human Rights and Social Justice You will acquire the knowledge of international treaties concerning basic human rights and be able to connect human rights issues in current world problems. Topics include issues like equality and non-discrimination, the right to liberty of person, the right to a fair trial, the right to education, the right to life and the links between human rights, world citizenship and education.
Educating for Culture: Making Cultural Diversity Work Living together in harmony and in a sustainable world can only happen through open dialogue amongst cultures and with an attitude of mutual respect and creativity. We review how new forms of identities in multicultural and multi-ethnic modern societies can be built to combat prejudices and discrimination.
Educating for Communication and Information: Empowerment In this module, we aim to make students aware of the impact that media and ICT can have on individuals and societies. We give special emphasis to the use of these tools for influencing the standards of education and empowering individuals and societies around the globe.
Project Management and Educational Planning: Theory 6 In this course you will learn the fundamentals of project management and educational planning. You will receive an additional two-day training from the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), Paris on e.g. managing human resources in the education sector and financing educational projects by means of public-private partnerships.
Project Management and Educational Planning: Internship 6 During the internship, you will (1) set up a UNESCO oriented project or (2) contribute to an on-going project in an organization working on UNESCO related themes. In both situations, you will integrate the knowledge and skills you have learned throughout the semester and implement the theory of the course “Project Management and Educational Planning -Theory”.
Communication for Academic Purposes You will learn how to become a more effective public speaker and presenter, but also a better academic writer in English. Although the basics of writing good papers will be taught, the focus of the course is the steady growth of self-confidence in public speaking, especially in the giving of informative and persuasive presentations.


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Liza (Belgium) is now working in norway thanks to the piec programme

“I was looking for a life experience that would give me a chance to work with people from all over the world. When I stepped into the class, I saw 24 faces – from Belgium, Spain, Montenegro, Cameroon, Nigeria, Morocco and Ireland. Together we made short videos, conducted workshops in schools, did many presentations, attended prestigious conferences and, of course, had loads of parties! This programme helped each one of us to mature as individuals, as entrepreneurs and as educators. It gave me both new friends and another family many miles away from home. I can surely say: I learned, I laughed, I grew.”

Aarthi Srinivasan