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frequently asked questions (faq)

A student raises his hand to ask a question about international programmes

You're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, so we know you have some questions. We're here to answer them!

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Ukrainian crisis

How can I apply for a degree programme at UCLL?

All information about admission requirements and  application instructions can be found on the following webpages: 

Don't hesitate to contact admissions [at] with your questions.

I only want to take a few classes at UCLL ?

The 21-22 academic year is  almost finished and exams  are coming up very soon (June 2022).  Therefore we recommend that you start classes  in September 2022.

1. Please have a look at our English-language  exchange programmes and degree programmes to find classes that you are interested in.

2. If you don't feel confident about your level of English, please look into free English tutorials online  in preparation of your classes.

We expect additional information about intensive English language classes in Summer soon.

If you have specific questions, please email admissions [at]

I only want to use UCLL facilities to continue my studies?

If you are currently a student and wishes to use the UCLL campus facilities such as wifi, libraries, student restaurants, study centres  and would like a cheap student bus pass (30 euro/ academic year), you have the option to enrol as a guest student.

For all information, please contact admissions [at]

Can I schedule an appointment or a phone call to discuss my study options at UCLL?

Our Admissions Office is here for you! 

Send us an email and we will schedule an appointment or phone call with you: admissions [at]

I am coming from Ukraine to Belgium and do not have a residence permit. Which steps should I take?

As Ukrainian national, or person with a permanent residence in Ukraine, you will be granted temporary protection status in Belgium.

Upon arrival you'll have to register at the Registration Centre in Brussels.

If you have fullfilled all the criteria for temporary protection status you can register with the municipality and you will receive a Belgian A card valid for 1 year, which allows you to study or work in Belgium.  

More information:

I am currently a UCLL student from Ukraine or Russia. What options do I have when my current student residence permit expires?

1. If you want to re-register as an UCLL student for 22-23, you will find instructions on the UCLL Intranet after the June exam period.

2. If you graduate in 21-22, you may apply for a job-seeking year in Belgium

If you are an Ukrainian citizen and neither of the above options are possible and/or you cannot safely return to Ukraine, you may

If you are a Russian citizen and neither of the above options are possible and/or you are not able to travel home, you may

Where can I find information on coronavirus measures, prevention, vaccination and testing at UCLL??

You can find an answer on our Corona Measures webpage and the FAQ Covid-19.


What is the current corona situation in Belgium?

The Belgian Government has created a 'Corona Barometer', so you can follow in what phase we currently are.

The coronavirus barometer has three phases that reflect the level of pressure on healthcare:

  • Code yellow: the epidemiological situation and pressure on hospitals are under control
  • Code orange: increasing pressure on healthcare system, intervention needed to reverse this trend
  • Code red: high risk of overburdening the healthcare system

On the Corona website you can find out in which phase we currently are  and the corresponding measures.

On-campus versus online classes?

The upcoming academic year will be organised with regard to the latest corona measures set by the Belgian government. For every programme and course the best possible teaching method is considered and we are ready to flexibly adapt to whatever occurs in the future. Provided that the corona figures keep improving, we therefore anticipate offering a “normal” on-campus educational experience

On-campus learning will remain our top priority and at the same time, we will embed the best practices of online learning in our programmes. We have decided to offer a mix of on-campus and off-campus activities: on-campus classes when face-to-face meetings and physical space are required, for practicals and lab work, complemented by a smart and engaging online component in our programme offerings. Hence the term ‘hybrid learning’.

We care about your safety!  Therefore, you will receive regular updates on health and safety measures. Find more information and latest updates on our dedicated webpage.

What are the travel requirements for Belgium?

When planning your journey to Belgium, make sure you have all the necessary documents with you and stay informed about travel requirements that apply at the time.

 Please check the travel requirements regularly, and definitely one week before your departure as they may change at any time.

All information about travels to Belgium can be found on the Belgian covid information page  and  on the Belgian Foreign Affairs website

Where can I find additional information about COVID-19?

COVID-19 testing

As a UCLL student, you can get a free PCR-test in the student test centre in Leuven for mild symptoms, after a risk contact or after arrival in Belgium from a red zone.

More information and how to book an appointment can be found here.

Of course, you can always go to a GP for a PCR-test. Find a GP on

How can I find a GP in Belgium?

To find a GP in the region of East-Brabant (Leuven and surroundings) use

I haven't been vaccinated in my home country. Can I get vaccinated in Belgium?

Yes, every student can get a free vaccine in Belgium!

  • If you have a Belgian national registration number or a BIS number (i.e. you are registered at the city hall), you can make an appointment with your local vaccination centre. For the Leuven area, this can easily  be done by filling in this form. For information about other vaccination centres, click here
  • If you are not yet registered at your city hall and you wish to get a free vaccine in Belgium, UCLL can create a BIS-number for you. Please follow the instructions under "what is a BIS-number and how do I get it?"

Practical information on vaccination.

What is BIS number and how do I get it?

A BIS number is a temporary personal identification number, which will later be converted into a national registration number. 

  • I'm a degree student: once you are registered as a degree student at UCLL, you will automatically be assigned a BIS number. You can request your BIS number by sending an email to international [at]  Subject = Vaccination + your student number.
  • I'm an exchange student: UCLL can have a BIS number generated for you. To do this you can send an e-mail to coronavirus [at] with the following information:
    • Copy of biometric page of passport
    • Residential address in Belgium 
    • Place of birth (not always mentioned in passport)
    • Your student number + mention that you are a student at UCLL

If you are not yet registered as a UCLL student, go to

I’ve already been vaccinated in my home country, can I have this vaccination registered in Belgium so that I receive an EU covid certificate?

  • If you were vaccinated in the EU or if you have a digital EU passport from another country that is recognized in Belgium, it is not necessary to have your vaccination registered.  Your vaccination certificate is valid across the entire EU. If you were vaccinated in different countries, register all of them in your home country in order to keep your national certificate complete.

  • If you were vaccinated outside the EU with a vaccine approved by EMA, the European Medicines Agency, you can have your vaccine registered in Belgium, and obtain a EU certificate.
  • If you were vaccinated outside the EU with a vaccine not approved by EMA,  you will not be able to obtain a vaccination certificate. We recommend that you apply for an additional EMA approved vaccination in Belgium.

Please note that, in order to register your non-EU vaccination, you will need the following: 

  • an official vaccination certificate with the dates, brand name AND the lot number of the vaccines administered - if this is not mentioned on your vaccination certificate, you will need to ask your vaccination centre for this information;
  • a Belgian national registration number (‘rijksregisternummer’ in Dutch: a unique identification code issued to each person registered in Belgium), or a BIS number.
  • You can register your non-EU vaccines via this procedure

What is a CST-ticket and how do I obtain it?

After you have been vaccinated in Belgium or after your foreign vaccination has been registered by a doctor, the Belgian government will issue a digital COVID certificate (=covid safe ticket or CST).

A CST-ticket will only be asked  at the entrance of events or bars if the corona barometer is in orange or red. It  might also by asked upon traveling (depending on the regulations of your destination).

All info about the digital certificate can be found online, you can also request your COVID certificate there. For those who cannot access the online certificate, there are the following possibilities:

  • You call +32 78 78 78 50 (Flanders) or +32 2 214 19 19 (Brussels) to have a paper certificate sent to your physical address in Belgium.
  • Contact your local registration office for activation of your digital keys. Students in Leuven can do this at the City Office.
  • Students who are not in Belgium can send a request to servicedesk.dto [at]

EU citizens request their CST in their own country.

This EU CST is valid in all European countries, including Belgium and all vaccines given in other countries should be registered in their own country, to update the national CST. A growing number of non-EU countries have Covid Certificates that are valid in the EU.

Non-EU citizens with long term stay (over 3 months) in Belgium, can apply for CST in Belgium through the above procedure. Vaccines received in other countries should therefore be registered in Belgium.

Non-EU visitors with short term stay (under 3 months) in Belgium, can request a temporary CST.

I was only partially vaccinated abroad. Can I get my second dose in Belgium?

The answer depends on which vaccine was administered. 

If you were vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine, you can contact your local vaccination centre (for Leuven via corona [at] and discuss your options. Please note that the vaccination centre will need proof of your first vaccine. 

For those who were vaccinated with a vaccine not approved by EMA, a solution is currently being sought.  For further details, please get in touch with your local vaccination centre

Please also note that contacting your vaccination centre is only recommended if you have a national registration or a BIS number.

Where can I find additional information on vaccination?

KU Leuven pharmacy students have designed a very comprehensive webpage for anyone who has questions on vaccination: the page contains practical information, general information, details on the development of the vaccines, etc.

Go to the vaccination page. 

Courses @ UCLL

detailed course information?

If you want to learn more about the  courses @ UCLL, please visit our course offerings webpages .  

Here you will find detailed information about each course of the current academic year.  After 15 July, course information for the next academic year (starting in September) will be displayed.  Very often, there  are  minor or no changes unless the study programme is revised substantially.


Transfer of credits?

Do you want to transfer to UCLL from another university where you have already earned credits ?

Take a look at our course offerings to have an idea of the courses that we offer and whether your previous courses  are similar to ours in order to apply for a transfer of credits.

You must complete your student registration before you can apply for transfer of credits.  Decision about transfer of credits will be made by the programme senior staff at the start of the academic year or semester.


Tuition fees and scholarships


Where do I find tuition fee rates?

Please visit for the current tuition fee rates.

If next year’s rates are not published yet, it means that they are not available yet. You can find an indication of all tuition fees in our international brochure.


Does UCLL offer any scholarships to international students?

No, we don’t. However, when you have a look at our tuition fee rates, you will notice that our programmes are very moderately priced, so you will receive quality education at a reasonable price!


When do I pay the tuition fee?

You only pay the tuition fee upon student registration. You will receive further instructions then.

Students with a Blocked Account do not need to pay their tuition fee upon registration, since it is included in the Blocked account.

About our partners and association KU Leuven


What is the difference between UCLL and KULeuven

UCLL is a University of Applied Sciences and a member of the KU Leuven association. This means that KU Leuven is our umbrella (overarching) university. 

UCLL is a university of applied sciences offering professional (advanced) bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate certificate programmes. KU Leuven is an academic university offering academic bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate programmes.

What is the level of the Advanced Business Management programmes?

They are specialised bachelor’s programmes, we call them “advanced bachelor’s programmes”, not postgraduate or master’s programmes.

Because we have partnerships with a number of international universities, you can pursue a master’s or postgraduate degree (abbreviated track) with any of these universities, see




Where do I find the admission requirements?

We have a dedicated webpage where you  find the general  admission requirements and information about diplomas/degrees and accepted language tests and in which cases such language test can be waived.


How can I apply for a degree programme at UCLL?

Go to and follow the steps that will take you to the online application.

Which diploma or degree do I need?

... to enrol in the Advanced Business Management programmes 

For our Advanced Business Management (ABM) programmes, you must have earned a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.

 Our ABM programmes are – what we call – advanced bachelor’s programmes, specialising in a particular area. Our programmes specialise in “International Management” and “Design Thinking & Innovation”. enrol in the International Educating Class (IEC)?

In order to qualify you must have earned a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.

... to enrol in the Advanced Bachelor Global Citizenship and Development programme?

 In order to qualify you must have earned a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.

How can I pay the application fee?

You must pay the tuition fee by bank transfer, go to for detailed information.  Read the information under “Help with your application”, section “pay application fee”.  Payment by credit card is not possible.

Do I have to send original or certified copies to your university?

You will find the answer on

  1. Step 1: submit the online application
  2. Step 2: send certified copies to UC Leuven-Limburg, Admissions Office,  Geldenaaksebaan 335,  B-3001 Heverlee, BELGIUM

    have your university or school confirm your degree and grades by email to admissions [at]


    ​deliver the original diploma/certificate to the reception desk at the above address (if you or a relative live in the neighbourhood). In this case, we will assess the document and let you know when to pick it up again.

Never send any originals by post or courier, we don't either!

I want to enrol in a Dutch-language programme but I do not speak Dutch ?

If you want to take Dutch-spoken courses, you must have achieved the required level of Dutch language proficiency before you can be admitted. 

  • Our associate degree programmes require a B1+ level of Dutch
  • Our bachelor programmes require a B2 level of Dutch
  • For detailed information,  go to Toelatingsvoorwaarden  (in Dutch)


I want to apply for the Advanced Bachelor’s programme in Global Citizenship and Development. What should I do?

  1. Check the application requirements for our advanced bachelor’s programmes on

  2. Submit an online application

    Our Admissions office will assess diploma and language requirements.

  3. Fill out the candidate form on

    This form will serve as the basis for the selection process by the programme.

When you are approved by Admissions and by the Programme, you can start your preparations for this unique yet challenging programme

I don’t know how to start an online application.

On you will find an item ‘Help with your application’.

Read it attentively and if you don’t find the answer to a specific question, please email a screenshot of the page where you are stuck to admissions [at] and we will try and help you!

What should I write in my motivation letter and how long should it be?

Your motivation letter (between 200 and 400 words) would ideally be about:

  • your aspirations
  • your ambitions
  • your past achievements
  • and how it links to your choice of study.

You can also add your resume (optional).

Admission letter, visa application


When do I receive my Admission Letter

After you have been informed by email that you are admitted into UCLL, you will receive instructions to download your admission letter in your online application within three weeks.

I cannot download my Admission Letter.

There might by several reasons why you can’t find your admission letter:

  • Did you fill in the questionnaire? If so, the grey button “Download Admission Letter” should darken and become clickable.
  • Look at the “Downloadsfolder on your computer.
  • Try another browser and click “download admission letter” again.

Which visa do I need to study in Belgium?

You must apply for a visa type D: long-term student visa (12 months). Check the links on our website for all information:

When do I start with my visa application?

As soon as you are admitted, you can start your visa application. Don’t wait too long gathering all required documents, as the visa procedure might take several months.

Go to:

Where can I apply for a visa?

Go to to find out where and how to apply for a student visa.

Is UCLL private university (ART 9) or recognized by the public authorities (ART 58)?

UCLL falls under article 58 as it is a higher education institution that is organized, recognized or subsidized by the public authorities (law of 15.12.1980).

Blocked Account


What is a Blocked Account?

During the application process for a student visa, you will have to prove your financial capability to take care of your living expenses for each study year in Belgium.

UC Leuven-Limburg can assist you by offering a so-called "blocked account proposal" (BAP).

Go to > step 2 Blocked Account for more information.

Do I have to use the Blocked Account option?

No, it is not required at all. However, it is a safe and secure way to proof your financial means and will speed up your visa procedure.

How much money do I have to transfer if I use the Blocked Account option?

The amount varies depending on the programme that you choose. A Blocked Account always includes:

  • Tuition fee of your programme
  • 750 euro monthly instalment x 12 months
  • Start-up fee

Do I have to open a Belgian Bank account to receive the Blocked Account instalments?

Yes, you must open a Belgian Bank Account. Before you head to a bank of your choice, you must have a document called “Annex 15“ which is issued by the City Office. 

Before you can register with the city you must have a permanent address (student room) to be proven by a rental agreement.  You will receive additional practical information upon arrival.

When are the instalments paid?

The instalments are paid at the end of the month, e.g. the November instalment will be paid at the end of October and so on. 

For exact dates check our intranet (after student registration):

I am admitted at UCLL. How do I register as a student?

The last step before starting as a UCLL student, is to complete your student registration.

This is an entirely online procedure that we will guide you through.

Registration dates:

  • First-semester registration: 15 August until 30 October 2021
  • Second-semester registration: 15 January until 15 March 2021

More info:

I registered as a student at UCLL, but I changed my mind. How do I de-register?

You can deregister at any time. However, please be aware of the consequences about reimbursement of tuition fee, and so on.

Send an email to:

  • Leuven campuses:  inschrijvingen.leuven [at]
  • Limburg campuses: barbara.simons [at] (Barbara Simons)

What are the consequences of early deregistration?

Potential loss of study vouchers and tuition fee. For all details, visit: .

Registration at City Office


How do I register at the City Office?

After student registration at UCLL, and when you have found a permanent residence (student room) you must register at the City Office.

Check our intranet (after student registration) for all details:



How do I apply for student housing?

Finding a student room is your own responsibility. Nevertheless, Association KU Leuven's Housing Service is always happy to help you sort things out.

Find all details and links to the housing database on our website:

Does UCLL have its own residence halls?

No, UCLL does not have its own residence halls. However, a certain amount of rooms in KU Leuven residence halls are reserved for UCLL students.

You can find all information on

Health Insurance


Do I need to subscribe to a Belgian Health insurance?

Yes, all residents of Belgium, Belgian nationals or otherwise, are required by law to be covered by a health insurance policy.

If you are an international student, first check if your local health insurance covers medical costs in Belgium. If not, you must sign up for a Belgian health insurance of your choice, as it is not taken care of by our university

Which health insurance do I need to subscribe to?

You sign up for a health insurance with adequate coverage in Belgium. We’ve listed some health insurance companies for you:

Is health insurance expensive in Belgium?

No, it’s not expensive at all. Take a look at the company’s website for a detailed price overview:

 Without insurance coverage, the costs of medical care can quickly spiral out of control.  On average, 75% of the official rates of (Belgian) medical expenses are  reimbursed.