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‘Pharmaceutical and biological laboratory technology’: within this specialization students perform an internship of 15 weeks in the second semester of their third year. They work on  a small research project with a biomedical, biotechnological or pharmaceutical topic under supervision of a researcher, PhD student or postdoctoral researcher. The student writes a small thesis about the practical work of the research project.

‘Medical laboratory technology’: within this educational programme there are two types of internship,  both organized in the two semesters of their third year. The first internship is the compulsory one and focuses on hematology, clinical chemistry and microbiology. This internship lasts 12 weeks. The internship of choice lasts 9 weeks and may contain different topics such as pathology, molecular diagnostics, fertility, specializations in hematology, clinical chemistry and microbiology, function measurements and research projects.

International student project

The International student project is a student exchange project between 3 or more collaborating European or international Universities or University Colleges which offer a professional bachelor in ‘Biomedical Laboratory Sciences’, ‘Lab science’ or ‘Biotechnology’.

In groups of 5 (to 10), students in the 2nd phase of the bachelor programme will participate in a one-week biomedical research project in one of the collaborating Universities or University Colleges. The hosting schools decide on the topic of the project which can be related to point-of-care testing, biotechnology, microbiology, hematology,…. Of each University or University College, a number of students stay at the home institution to accompany students from the collaborating European partners. Together they work on the biomedical project and the hosting students also organize some extracurricular activities in the evening. Each group of students is accompanied by a lecturer which offers also the opportunity for staff to get in contact with colleagues from other countries.

The goal of this international student project is to obtain 100 % student mobility between the collaborating Universities or University Colleges and to offer the students a unique and inspiring life experience!

Pharmaceutical & biological laboratory technology

Medical laboratory technology

Biomedische laboratoriumtechnologie, iets voor jou?

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Karolien Decamps Opleidingsverantwoordelijke BLT Leuven
Karolien Decamps
Opleidingsverantwoordelijke Biomedische Laboratoriumtechnologie (Leuven)
Eveline Strackx Opleidingsverantwoordelijke BLT Diepenbeek
Eveline Strackx
Opleidingsverantwoordelijke Biomedische Laboratoriumtechnologie (Diepenbeek)
Jos Depovere
Lector Biomedische Laboratoriumtechnologie (Leuven)
Sofie Pieraets
Lector Biomedische Laboratoriumtechnologie (Diepenbeek)