UCLL and European University Alliance (Eudres) about the war in Ukraine | UCLL

EUDRES is the European University Alliance and is exemplary for the values and cooperation in Europe. We stand by and support our EUDRES partners in Romania, Latvia, Hungary and all other partners in Eastern Europe.

The EUDRES alliance issued a statement in support of the Ukrainian people and about actions that we can take to help young people in these difficult times. Read the EUDRES statement, co-signed by UCLL.

Reaching out to Ukrainian and Russian students. 

In addition, UCLL contacted each and every Ukrainian student studying at our university and living in Flanders. We understand the difficult situation of these students who are far away from their families and relatives in Ukraine, and our student services’ focus has been on supporting them as much as we can. We have also connected with our Russian students who are affected by this situation as well.

Although current news indicates otherwise, we sincerely hope for a peaceful end to this conflict, with respect for European values.

Marc Vandewalle,
President of UC Leuven-Limburg, university of applied sciences

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