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Congratulations! You are enrolled in the Postgraduate Programme International Educating Class at Hertogstraat Campus in Heverlee (Leuven), home to our faculty of Teacher Education. Below you can find all the information you need to get started at  UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL). We wish you a smooth start and are looking forward to meet you either online or in person!

The academic year 2020-2021 at UC Leuven-Limburg officially starts on Monday September 21, 2020. We received adapted Corona measures from the government, we can start in 'fase yellow'. What that means, you can soon read on our intranet.  Regularly check the information below and the UCLL Corona updates.

Further on this page, you can read how you activate your UCLL account and thus gain access to the intranet and your timetable (note, given the circumstances the timetable will only be available mid-September).

Given the dynamic situation around the coronavirus, the governmental travel and safety regulations in Belgium can rapidly change.  Please continue to monitor the situation both in your country and in Belgium.  These sites from the EU and the Belgian Government might help you with your travel plans:
Reopen Europe or Belgian Department of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

START Day Fall Programme

The Fall Programme starts with an introduction on Friday 18 September 2020  at 14:00 (p.m.), for both the 'online' as 'in person' students.

We will meet you in front of the Main Entrance of Hertogstraat Campus or online for a live stream.

Missed the start?

Did you register after the start day and/or have you missed the start? Contact  the programme coordinator a iec [at] ucll.be as soon as possible for further arrangements on your start.


Our courses are accessible online for both ‘distance’ but also ‘in person’ students, who come to or are in Leuven. 

Fall Programme

Although in the Fall, teaching and courses will take place fully online, we will do all we can to ensure that students are able to make connections both on and offline with peers so as to facilitate collaboration.

At the end of the semester and like all semesters, we offer a valuable certificate that is both recognized by Flemish Ministry of Education and supported by UNESCO. 

Should health and securities allow, we will be back with in person classes in the Spring Semester 2021.

'in person' and 'distance' students

Should you come to Leuven, you will potentially receive – and depending on health and safety regulations – coaching with lecturers, outdoor lectures as well as engage in group work on campus at a safe social distance. 

Depending on the course and students, some outside excursions are planned within Belgium that distance students can experience virtually.  But you might also be asked to design your virtual excursion in your home country to share with your international classmates! 

Individual Study Programme (ISP)

The Individual Study Programme (ISP) is an application in KU Loket with an overview of the courses  you will be following during the semester or academic year. You will receive more information about your ISP during the start day.


Depending on your previous education, there is a chance that you can be granted an exemption for a certain course. Contact your ISP (Individual Study Programme) coordinator Marie-Claire Goossens (marieclaire.goossens [at] ucll.be) before the start of the academic year.

post-graduate certificate

Each semester of the Post-graduate International Educating Class comprises 30 ECTS credits.  In order to receive the post-graduate certificate that is both recognized by the Flemish Ministry of Education and endorsed by UNESCO, a student must complete all 30 ECTS credits.   

Check the curriculum.

Start academic year 2020-2021


We are happy to help you with information about ICT at UCLL. 
Account activation, UCLL e-mail, UCLL app, KULoket, Laptop, Software eg. free office 365, Toledo, Wifi, Student card and ICT helpdesk)

Activate now your ucll-account

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You received the activation code in your personal mailbox. To proceed, your account has to be activated.

Your personal coaches

Every student has his personal coach. To find out more please visit our intranet, see counselling.

Special status

If you are a top athlete, artist or a student with a disability, you are entitled to a special status. You can make a request in KULoket.

Buss pass

Already registered and still want a bus pass. Click here

A healthy dose of sport

Already registered and still want a sports card. Click here

Class group? Time schedule?

As from 14/09/2020 you can find your class group in your ISP (Individual study programme) in KULoket.

You find your time schedule at https://rooster.ucll.be/

More details: check this presentation

student Service Hertogstraat Campus

Do you have specific needs or questions (social status, student finance, psychosocial problems, ...) or do you have a physical or learning disability? Do you want more information about one of the recognised statutes (e.g. as a top athlete, artist, employee, entrepreneur and care giver)?

The education ombudsperson of Hertogstraat Campus is there to help you. Make an appointment via +32 (0)16 37 56 66 or via studentendienst.ler.brabant [at] ucll.be

Practical information

Get to the campus on an easy way and preferably use the bicycle or public transport. Read all information about our Hertogstraat campus here: accessibility, parking options, facilities, opening hours, ...

ANy questions?

Do you still have questions about practical matters? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you! ! Be aware that between 11 July and 10 August 2020, our campus is closed during the summer holiday.  

Campus Hertogstraat, Hertogstraat 178, 3001 Heverlee, +32 (0)16 37 56 00, ler.heverlee [at] ucll.be

specific programme information

For more specific information or questions, you can contact the IEC Coordinator at iec [at] ucll.be