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Bachelor-na-bachelor Advanced Business Management

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Are you a Flemish student? Make an appointment for an online intake interview by sending a mail to christel.lammens [at] ucll.be (Christel Lammens(link sends e-mail)).(link sends e-mail) After the intake interview, you can  immediately start your registration.

Are you an international student?  Please check our general Application Requirements.  After having been approved by our Admissions office, you will be notified about how to request an intake interview. 

 Do you have other questions about the programme?  Mail  the modulemanager christel.lammens [at] ucll.be (Christel Lammens).

tuition fee

The tuition fee for 2021-2022 is 460 € (fixed component) + 22 €  per credit or 1780 € for the complete programme.