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Students' testimonies

"The studies provide you with excellent skills for the development of service business, for the application of service design methods and for working as a service designer."
"During the   past months, 7  teams of Belgian and Finnish students worked together  in their Design Thinking course to address the challenges  of virtual MTC sessions. In this article you can read more about their experience."

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

"After  finishing my studies, I was looking for a new challenge.  The concept of the Banaba and this English track offer me  the unique combination of marketing, innovation and service design. I can improve my English, follow additional business courses and become a specialist in service design and corporate social responsibility."

Kyle Vanlerberghe

“I learned a lot in the past few months, so I am very happy with my choice. I also expected it to be a lot of work and I was  definitely correct. This track is a very interesting combination of business, innovation, marketing, … There are so many fields to explore once we're graduated and I’m looking forward to using  the  knowledge I gained, in many different ways. I  have learned new skills that will definitely help me in my future.”

Margot Degols

“I would highly recommend this course if people are looking for the trendy, creative and meaningful business management and development. It  gives a real differential advantage for future related jobs.”

Louis Steed

"The degree of Design Thinking & Innovation has really helped me to gain the required competencies for the job market.  During the month of May I was offered a job opportunity and I will officially start in August!
Through my consulting project, I gained a lot of contacts through networking. It would not have been possible with another degree, e.g Masters.  So I am happy I took the right decision to go for a Banaba degree! Thank you for the support! "

Nitin Varma Gottumukkala 

"Following 5 years' work experience in the business world, I decided to further my education by choosing to complete a Banana at UCLL in Design Thinking & Innovation. The programme is all encompassing, it incorporates courses in business, finance, strategy and more. It provides students with the well-rounded advanced education needed to succeed in an ever-competitive job market. I would highly recommend this programme for anyone looking to learn about design thinking and enhance their basic business knowledge.  

Gabrielle Dutton