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Bachelor-na-bachelor Advanced Business Management

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FOr whom?

Have you always pictured yourself working in an international environment? Are you always waiting for the next big adventure to happen? Are you fascinated by international businesses? Did you answer ‘YES’ three times? Then you should definitely apply for the international management programme!

In this programme you will learn everything from global marketing, to international relations and project management. But also global supply chain management, sustainability and innovation are high on the agenda.  And, because professional skills are most important in the 21th century, we focus on personal, digital and international skills. 

Make an appointment for an intake interview

Are you a Flemish student? Make an appointment for an online intake interview by sending a mail to  lieve.mulier [at] ucll.be (Lieve Mulier) or register here for an appointment.  After the intake interview, you can  immediately start your registration.

Are you an international student?  Please check our general Application Requirements.  After having been approved by our Admissions office, you will be notified about how to request an intake interview. 

Required prior education level: undergraduate or bachelor's degree in any field.

crash course Management and Marketing

No or very limited basic knowledge in Management? No problem! After taking the free crash course Management, you’ll be completely ready to start the study programme successfully.

The official start of the academic year is Monday 20 September 2021. The crash course takes place in the week of 13 September 2021.


 master studies after banaba

master.jpgAfter successful completion of the programme, you will receive an extra bachelor degree of 60 credits in Advanced Business Management with specific focus on International Management from UC Leuven-Limburg. You are definitely the moving mind that many employers  are looking for.  Maybe you want to obtain your master degree before you start working? How about choosing  a  master programme with one of our partners?



your dream job is only one step away


  • kick off an international career and work for an international company
  • expertly master intercultural and leadership skills
  • manage goods and services in an international context
  • lead international projects and teams
  • deal with international customers
  • negotiate cross border deals