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Bachelor-na-bachelor Advanced Business Management

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students' testimonies

“Studying at UCLL has offered me a great opportunity and privilege to learn in an immensely multicultural environment. UCLL is highly skilled in inculcating the balance between fundamentals clarity and latest technological developments through various subjects. I am motivated to get into an exciting venture after the completion of this course."

Vineet Saxena

“After finishing my bachelor degree at UCLL I didn’t feel ready to already start working. I decided to do the Banaba in International Management, also keeping in mind I could follow up with a master in England. You get a chance to gain insights in many different aspects of doing business. This also gives you the opportunity to do a project in different fields. The guest lecturers know what they are talking about, and their little anecdotes make classes always more interesting."

Clara Uyttendaele

"The International Business Management education at the UCLL offered me the opportunity to switch my career from health care to the business world. In only 1 year I was able to obtain a bachelor degree in International Business Management, as well as gaining experience on the work floor, as a junior project manager in a super-interesting Health Tech company."

Elisabeth Claes